It can’t be winter – it’s not cold enough

It is August.  It is supposed to be the coldest month of winter, when the snow comes and dumps heaps of white stuff on the mountains so thrill seekers can lob themselves down mountainsides at break neck speeds, barely controlling themselves.  (That used to be me in an earlier version of my life – never very good at skiing – but oh the thrill!).  Not that we get snow here – we are too northern, however a good sharp frost or two and a bracing southerly wind is normally the way of August.

The thing is – this year it’s just not happening.  I haven’t had to light the fire in days and even then it was to create the perception of cosy because it was grey and yucky outside – but not actually freezing cold.  Ok we have had a couple of “cold snaps” where there was a heavy dumping of snow in places that normally expect snow and even a smattering or two surprising places that normally don’t.  Schools were closed and people stayed home from work.  But it was all over as quick as it came and in a mere 3 days it was a distant memory.  We didn’t get snow, not even a frost – although there was a brief moment of extra-large hailstones! Business as usual.

A winter sky

This winter has been memorable for the wrong reasons as far as I am concerned.  The warmer than normal temperatures has its blessings; however what I am cross with is the rain.  We have had more rain than you can shake a stick at.  It had turned my veggie patch into a soggy boggy quagmire.  We haven’t mowed lawns in months for fear of the mower sinking into depths of the lawn only to be lost forever.  The kids don’t play in backyard for fear of drowning in it!

Not exactly a weather forecast to make me grab a woolly jumper

However this crazy mixed up August is about a week old and we have hardly had any rain at all.  So the ground has started to dry out.  Not completely – it was still a bit tacky but up to holding the weight of the mower.  This was a moment to be seized – who knew when an opportunity to mow would come again.  This in itself brought momentary indecision.  Do I mow around the house so it looks nice and cared for to those who come calling, or do I mow around the veggie garden to provide that illusion that all is under control in the patch.

Actually the decision was easy – the veggie patch.  I also took it as an opportunity to do some more sneaky land grabbing.  One extra sweep of the mower and who’s to know.  So with a surprisingly warm north wind blowing across my shoulder I got out there and gave the patch a cut.  It always makes it look so good. Out of breath and overheating in my un-necessary long johns I finished the last strip and went off to get Hubby the Un-Gardener to admire my work.

Freshly mown and looking good

I had only just started showing him my efforts when it came down.  Rain.  Huge heavy drops coming in thick and fast at a pretty sharp angle and it didn’t let up all day.   Needless to say the patch has returned to its standard waterlogged state, but it does look pretty for its new haircut.

Come again soon – do I pack away my winter woollies now or just wait – to be on the safe side.

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

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