Goodbye winter….. Hello Spring!

Today is the first day of spring – YAY!

Even the bee’s know its spring!

My spring has started a little too early in the day for my liking.  Hubby the Un-Gardener left the house at 4am to go to the airport as he was heading off to Wellington to go on the Telly to promote his new book “Selling yourself to employers” which is being released today by his publishers.  Sadly I won’t be able to watch him as our TV stopped working about a month ago and we have been enjoying its absence – although apparently we may need to do something about it before the Rugby World Cup, although I’m not that bothered.

So anyway – here I am in bed, in the dark, with my laptop, listening to the roosters (one still has to go) and have been joined by the early rising Joeyosaurus and its 5:30 in the morning.  Something is very wrong with this situation. I don’t do mornings.

Spring Treasures

As I am awake I may as well enjoy the first morning of the spring and make plans in my head about all I want to do today, this week, this spring and for the rest of the year.  Someone told me yesterday that there is only 16 weeks until Christmas but you shouldn’t think about Christmas until at least late October so I’ll pretend I never heard there were only 16 weeks until Christmas!

Today is going to be crazy, mostly because Hubby the Un-Gardener has taken the car.  So I have bribed a good friend to run me round a bit today.  I have been making all the bits and pieces that go into a lasagne to be assembled later to share for tea.  I made the fresh pasta from our eggs, and mozzarella cheese to go in the cheese sauce.  So all I have to do now is make the cheese sauce and tomatoey / meaty bit – using tomatoes from last season of course.  I have also made butter for bread rolls as I have found cream is cheaper to buy than butter and it’s actually really easy to make.   Only the best food will do when you are bribing friends!

Ahhhh - Pretty

I hope to squeeze in some time in the garden as I really want to get a row of peas and a row of carrots in, and maybe some other stuff.  I also want to plant more things in the greenhouse, to give them a good head start by the time they have to go out at Labour Weekend.

This spring is going to be good – we will have cutie fluffy babies about the place – although the goats are growing fast and Brandy the Chicken doesn’t have that great a track record of actually hatching eggs. The daffodils and tulips are starting to put on quite a show and before you know it the greenhouse will be a sea of green seedlings waiting for their chance in the sun.

Brandy the Chicken sitting on about 15 eggs

As the first ribbon of light stretches across the horizon, I am excited about all spring has to offer – longer, lighter days; warmer temperatures and the promise of summer.  But despite everything I shall miss the winter – a tiny bit.  This winter has actually been quite kind to us and was actually quite mild with only 2 or 3 really cold bits.  We have only used one and a half loads of firewood where we would normally be tucking into our third load by now!  The rain that caused the ground to become a soggy boggy mess was really annoying but unlike previous years it happened in the beginning of the winter and not the end, making spring garden preparation really enjoyable.

I reckon asparagus with poached fresh eggs for breakfast this Saturday - yum!

The sky is getting lighter and the birds have begun a lovely dawn chorus – I should really wake up early more often.

Snowy and Sweetie growing bigger every day.

I need to start thinking of getting up soon as the goat kids and the boy kids will all need feeding and I need to start the first day of spring by making my own cuppa tea!  I hope Hubby the Un-Gardener’s book success doesn’t interfere with my morning cuppa tea too often!

Come again soon – spring has sprung!

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

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