Solar Flare Zucchini

Turning dreams into plans  

Now is a good time to start to organise for the new growing season.  With hope in my heart, I began taking dreaming about the next season to the next level and started making plans.  Last season was a complete washout – literally!  I only used my irrigation system a couple of times.  Ironically, the only time it should have been used but wasn’t, was … Continue reading Turning dreams into plans  

Monday Message:

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana 1863 – 1952 These are wise words indeed for a gardener to heed. If you forget what you did last season you will make the same mistakes again this coming season. Spend the long nights going through your photos, notes (if you took them) and social media posts and try to remember … Continue reading Monday Message:

Monday Message

“A garden is half-made when it is well planned. The best gardener is one who does the most gardening by the winter fire.” Liberty Hyde Bailey (An inspiring American horticulturist 1858 – 1954) Due to the sudden drop in temperature – although probably not cold by most folks standards – we don’t even get a frost here, I have decided computer gardening isn’t such a … Continue reading Monday Message

Change of plans…  again

But that is the beauty of the garden – it is completely forgiving.  Plans can be made, but nothing is set in concrete – except the things actually set in concrete like fence posts!  Over the last year I have spent ages pouring over my plans, making adjustments, then working on the crop rotation and then hoping to never have to plan again.  It can … Continue reading Change of plans…  again

Sorting out the cool season garden

After much deliberation I have a plan…  of sorts.  Outlined below is the first half.  These are the beds where there will be no change really as they aren’t part of the crop rotation, so they are easy enough to deal with.  So, this is what I’ll be doing with my permanent beds. The Annual Herbs Winter:  I will try and keep all of these … Continue reading Sorting out the cool season garden

Wrapping my head around the cool season

Ok so I’ve done some thinking…. About how I will tackle the next season.  But I’d like to say that this is as convoluted as getting my head around crop rotation in the first place!  Once I realised this, I decided I’d do it once and do it right, and then each autumn I can come back here as all the thinking necessary will have … Continue reading Wrapping my head around the cool season

But what about the pumpkins?

 The seeds were sown the other day, more than a few weeks beyond when I would have normally sown them.  But I’m not worried because not only is their bed not ready, it hasn’t been filled or even built because I’m still umming an erring as to its location.  This delay has a knock on effect for the irrigation of the rhubarb, globe artichokes and … Continue reading But what about the pumpkins?

Garden Planning – the Final Push

Sector 4 is all fruit so no planning needed there – all I have to do before the season changes is evict the aging three year old strawberries and replace them with their offspring runners to keep the production of delicious berries at an optimum. So that leaves the back row that forms sector 5.  If you take the two raspberry beds (27 and 28) … Continue reading Garden Planning – the Final Push

Planning the Garden – Sector Three

Sector three was once the outer edge of the garden.  I’m not entirely sure how it has become part of the heart of the garden, but I think I may need a fence.    I’m really pleased with my sector systems as it helps break down my large garden on so many levels – weeding, watering and feeding a sector a day makes the insurmountable achievable.   … Continue reading Planning the Garden – Sector Three