Harvested Beetroot

COOKING: Is water essential?

Once the weather returned to some kind of normal summer-esk conditions, I took  the opportunity to process the harvest I was able to salvage.  While not everything did well this summer – namely my tomatoes, some things have done exceptionally well and the beetroot can be counted as a success.  The good thing about beetroot is I can pretty much grow it all year round … Continue reading COOKING: Is water essential?

Fennel and Celeriac are great friends

Day one of giving kitchen gardening a higher priority was slow to eventuate.  Life has this great habit of getting in the way.  I either over did it in the garden and landed in a crumpled heap on the sofa, willing myself to get back up again some time before dark.  It is the week leading up to being officially safe to plant the garden … Continue reading Fennel and Celeriac are great friends

Melon Jam

Every year I sow melon seeds with great anticipation.  I like a bit of variety with my melons and I have the room, so I start off with Sugar Baby Watermelon.  It is always reliable and even in a poor summer the chances are you will get something.  This season I got 4 somethings.  Most were around the 5 kg mark which is pretty big … Continue reading Melon Jam

Queen of Hearts

October is such a gauntlet to run for us.  With birthday’s, school holidays and then the obligatory back to school haircuts, stationary kit refresh and new shoes, the garden can become a little neglected.  Not intentionally, but life can get in the way which can be quite challenging as we are in the heart of spring and things need to be done. Fortunately, I’ve been … Continue reading Queen of Hearts

Pickled Avoidance

I have been determined to get things straightened out ready for the spring.  However, my biggest weakness is procrastination and the bigger the mess the more likely I will put things off.    The most pressing need right now is the dome…  it is a huge mess as it has been a dumping ground for months.  I need it ship shape and spick and span ready … Continue reading Pickled Avoidance

Lockdown Hot Cross Buns

I need to start by saying I am not a baker.   When a small child came home from school with that little paper plate with a piece of paper stapled to it with the instructions to return the paper plate to school with a suitable cake for an impending cake stall,  I would attach money to the plate with my own note that read:  “It … Continue reading Lockdown Hot Cross Buns