Birthday weekend

Birthday weekend I am super blessed to have my birthday at the best possible time for a gardener.  This weekend was Labour Weekend which is also the last frost date and it is safe for planting out the summer garden in my area.  It is a moveable holiday and can vary by up to a week, so extra caution and common sense needs to be … Continue reading Birthday weekend

Blossom Sticky post

My ‘Did-dah’ moment

My ‘Did-dah’ moment I have been working on a project for a very long time.  When I say working on it, I mean thinking about it.  And when I say thinking about it, it is more of a guilt induced frenzy full of woulda, coulda and shoulda.  I thought making the family give it to me as a Mother’s Day present would make it happen … Continue reading My ‘Did-dah’ moment

Wait one moment, I’ll be with you directly.

The garden has been so patient, waiting for me and the weather.  Getting this garden planted out is really happening in fits and starts.  Yesterday was so foggy, misty, and drizzly that it wasn’t worth going out.  It was the kind of humid that soaks into your bones and I decided not to attempt it.  The last thing I need right now is to catch … Continue reading Wait one moment, I’ll be with you directly.

This is turning out to be a strange season

Knowing the garden has good access to water is one of those things that takes a weight off my mind for the season ahead.  The water tanks are in a good place going into summer.  They aren’t completely full; I think we have more storage capacity than our small roof can capture.  Maybe we should have moved a bigger house onto the land! But I … Continue reading This is turning out to be a strange season

Fennel and Celeriac are great friends

Day one of giving kitchen gardening a higher priority was slow to eventuate.  Life has this great habit of getting in the way.  I either over did it in the garden and landed in a crumpled heap on the sofa, willing myself to get back up again some time before dark.  It is the week leading up to being officially safe to plant the garden … Continue reading Fennel and Celeriac are great friends