Birthday weekend

Birthday weekend I am super blessed to have my birthday at the best possible time for a gardener.  This weekend was Labour Weekend which is also the last frost date and it is safe for planting out the summer garden in my area.  It is a moveable holiday and can vary by up to a week, so extra caution and common sense needs to be … Continue reading Birthday weekend

I think I’ve caught up with myself

Slowly but surely putting one foot in front of the other, the garden has been planted out.   It came as a bit of a surprise as I was just doing the next job on the list without looking beyond it for fear of being overwhelmed.  So, when I stood up, stretched, and looked around I was pleasantly surprised to find I’d made it to the … Continue reading I think I’ve caught up with myself

I’m running out of spring!

I don’t know if I’m being too hard on myself, but the garden isn’t finished yet and there is only a week left of spring.  Considering there was nothing there at all in mid May I am being hard on myself, but then again, I am so close to the end it seems possible to get there if I garden like there is no tomorrow. … Continue reading I’m running out of spring!