Making more work for myself.

During #MakeMayCount, I need to embrace activities that happen beyond the garden and value them as productive time.  Yesterday I spent several hours in the morning doing some computer gardening but found myself getting frustrated at being indoors because I had to do some gardening to make it count.   But what I was doing was the kind of things that pay me so I am … Continue reading Making more work for myself.


I have had a lovely week.  I approached it with trepidation, but I had no choice.  Once again our power was off for maintenance.  In an effort to catch up for the time lost during the lockdown, the power company decided to make one final push to get the job done to replace all the power poles in the area for once and for all. … Continue reading Downtime

Things have been a bit ratty around here.

Over the last wee while there has been a bit of a battle going on in the garden and up until recently I was the biggest loser.  There have been rats!  They have been so bold and brazen that they would waltz about in daylight hours like they owned the place.  I first noticed them when they ate an enormous hole in the side of … Continue reading Things have been a bit ratty around here.

Eek!  A Rat!

The lovely ladies who work in the office beside my garden came and told me late yesterday that they had seen a rat as big as a cat scamper brazenly across the deck in broad daylight.  Now I’m hoping this is more of a fishing type story.  You know the kind  – “you should have seen it – it was this >……………………………………………………………….<  big!” Having said … Continue reading Eek!  A Rat!