Solar Flare Zucchini

Turning dreams into plans  

Now is a good time to start to organise for the new growing season.  With hope in my heart, I began taking dreaming about the next season to the next level and started making plans.  Last season was a complete washout – literally!  I only used my irrigation system a couple of times.  Ironically, the only time it should have been used but wasn’t, was … Continue reading Turning dreams into plans  

It’s all in the planning

It is still raining.  There are puddles on my puddles.  Gardening is still very much out of the question.  I’m seriously hoping the wild winds will help dry everything up.  But I still needed to itch my green thumb so by the warmth of the fire I settled in to a day to tackling a project I’d been meaning to get onto for ages – … Continue reading It’s all in the planning