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Latest Post: Tomatoes are the Star.

Tomatoes are the Star In my opinion, in a summer garden – of all the wide range of plants that can be grown, the tomato is the superstar.  The one that just owns the season.  Sweetcorn could come in a close second if it wasn’t for the fact that in spite of their sunny yellow disposition, which can be stored in the freezer to bring … Continue reading Latest Post: Tomatoes are the Star.

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One week of winter left

ONE WEEK OF WINTER LEFT This year has whizzed by, and the fun is about to start.  There is a lot  of anticipation and expectation this season, probably more so than ever after the disappointment of last time.  There was just too much rain.  My hope that things will be different this year is due to the shift from a soggy La Nina to a … Continue reading One week of winter left

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Welcome to Autumn

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month and no returnsies.   (Such a strange tradition!)  But here we are celebrating the start of a new season.  As much as I can’t believe we have arrived at March already having lived through the first two months of this year that still feels quite new. Ordinarily I would be bemoaning the fact that it … Continue reading Welcome to Autumn

Love in the Garden

The weather is still being weird.  It is still gloomy but the nice days are fighting for their right to shine, so we have had a couple of days that offer the promise of summer.  But for the most part this struggle of the seasons are showing themselves as hot and humid with bursts of rain temporarily cooling things down.  The garden is coping well … Continue reading Love in the Garden

This is not what I was expecting

Coming back to the garden after such a long time out of it feels weird.   It isn’t helped by the weather.  We are just three days away from the start of the meteorological summer and to be honest it feels like the early days of spring.  Instead of slowly raising the temperatures and increasing the sunshine, the season seems to be stuck in some kind … Continue reading This is not what I was expecting

Mostly Pictures

… And a few words to go with them.   The mornings are turning out to be quite productive as the cooler starts stretch well into the day before the heat drives me indoors again.  The temperature is still getting up to 30C in the garden in the hottest part of the afternoon. But it isn’t just the pleasant working conditions that make gardening great, the … Continue reading Mostly Pictures