You gotta love living in the country…

Something I was not expecting happened today and I really wanted to share our surprise and excitement.

We had calf club today. This happens in rural schools where kids rear a calf, lamb or goat, and then take them to school and compete for awards and the opportunity to go to the next level:  Group Day, competing against kids from other schools in the area.

Kids and Kids getting ready for Calf Club

Normally we like to have Boomerang lambs – bottle feed them, teach them a few tricks, do the day at school, wean them and give them back to a farmer who really knows how to do the farming stuff.  We can’t really keep them as I have taken down all the fences to build raised beds for the veggie gardens!

The problem is this year the farmers did really well and there weren’t many orphan lambs – which was reflected in the increase in goats at calf club this year.  So we had two wee goats  that featured in an earlier blog and not being farmers, we had put in very little effort, other than feeding the goats and keeping them alive (which was a surprise in itself!)  Off we went  today with no expectations and came home with a cup and a trophy and the title “Agricultural Day 2011 Champion Goat”.  Tim the Helper was as shocked as we were!  We hadn’t even groomed them and apparently you are supposed to!

The proud owner of a Champion Goat

It all went well on the circuit for Tim the Helper his goat lead around the obstacle course well and Snowy came when called – although it started by eating grass so we thought – no chance but she looked up and went running to Tim the Helper.  Then the goats were checked over for “rearing” which is how well they have been looked after and how healthy they are.  The friend who found them for us told us they were actually pure breeds so maybe I should have gone to just a little more effort!

Tim the Helper and Snowy - a great team

So Tim the Helper ended up with a red ribbon for leading and calling and a blue ribbon for rearing. (for those not au fait with country speak – that’s two 1sts and a 2nd).

The Joeyosaurus had a more difficult day.  Sweetie runs rings around him and so when it came to the big day she was having nothing to do with it and was stubbornly dragged about the course.  Even the judge tapped her butt with his foot to move her along!  In the end wee Joeyosaurus ended up picking her up and carrying her off the course!

Sweetie really didn't want to do this today.

Although Sweetie has a mind of her own – she does love Joe and so when it came to calling, she had a quick taste of the grass and then headed off straight towards him.  He struggled with her collar and then she wouldn’t leave the arena, but they got a blue ribbon for their efforts.  For the rearing category Joey got 4th.  Man I really should have given them a shampoo and blow dry!  So all in all the Joeyosaurus got a blue and a light blue ribbon.

Then while the judges deliberated, Hubby the Un-Gardener took on the role of entertaining the crowds doing his quick fire raffle thing and then prize giving came along and they kept calling Tim the Helpers name – he got a trophy and purple ribbon for Champion Goat and a rather large cup and purple ribbon for Champion Goat Leading.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a cup or trophy for anything!  He also got a light purple ribbon for reserve champion for goat calling!

Quite a successful day. The Joeyosaurus is holding Tim the Helpers trophy as he had too much to hold.

So Tim the Helper is definitely through to Group Day after the school holidays, but by some small miracle or the blessing of being in a small school The Joeyosaurus also qualified for Group Day!  I think I need to learn how to groom goats!    The thing with working with animals and small children is you never know how it will go on the day and there is every chance the  Joeyosaurus could come away with Champion Goat at Group Day – you never know.

But all in all a great day was had by all and all four Kids are exhausted!  Living is the country is the coolest thing!

Competing is such hard work when you are only 7 weeks old!

Come again soon – the garden is really coming on and the weather is warming up – its so exciting at this time of year!

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

7 thoughts on “You gotta love living in the country…

  1. This post put a big grin on my face! I would’ve loved to have grown up in the country with goats! So cool. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Hi, Sara

    Deja vous! Have just returned from a very similar day here in The Catlins. Got some very similar photos, too (funny, that!). Amazingly, we had a reasonably warm day for it. Hey, have been meaning to say how much I enjoy your postings – I’ve just begun my own gardening blog, and realise what a lot of work they are! You could end up blogging more than you garden if it wasn’t for the fact that you needed to grow things!

    Diana Noonan

    1. Hi Diana. Didn’t we just have lovely weather this weekend. We seem to have so much in common. I have followed your blog so I can get to know you better. It can definitely be a bit of an effort, however I am determined to make sure the garden always comes first, without it there wouldn’t be anything to say!
      Cheers Sarah : o )

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