All I want is a little bit of spinach – is that too much to ask?

The few weeks back I spied some self-seeded spinach in the “Leafy Greens” bed and I thought “sweet – I’ll let those grow!”  And grow they did.  When they got big enough, I dug them up and spaced them out and gave them all the love they needed to grow into big strong healthy spinach plants.  Well they would have – if the chickens hadn’t found them!   I’m not sure if it was because they saw the copious amount of bare soil surrounding the spinach as a great place to bath or if they did actually eat the spinach.  Either way the spinach is gone.

"Don't look all innocent with me - you and your spinach mangling mates...."
"Don't look all innocent with me - you and your spinach mangling mates...."

So I did what any intrepid gardener does – I sowed some more.  This time they were more appropriate to the coming season.  The ones the chickens had a hand in the disappearance of were self-seeded summer spinach.  The ones I sowed were winter ones.  The packet was a wee bit old so I sowed generously.

However I think they may have emitted some kind of spinachy odour from within the seed raising mix, because I forgot to shut the greenhouse door for ONE night and come the morning I had found some manky varmint had dug through the seed mix and fished out the spinach seeds, nibbled holes in the seed case, sucked out the heart of the seed and then discarded them on the churned up surface of the seed tray.  They only when for the spinach, the leeks, fennel and mesculum mix have gone untouched and have begun to germinate.

Seed snaffling: I did not see this one coming!
Seed snaffling: I did not see this one coming!

After I recovered from the bold audacity of this midnight attack, I sowed more spinach seeds – a lot more, moved the seed tray to the highest shelf, furthest from the door and have made sure every night I remember to get a kid to shut the greenhouse door – or Hubby the Un-Gardener in his pyjamas if it is really late and really dark when I remember.

So with a bit of luck and sheer determination there will be spinach in the garden this winter!

To share or not to share? - that is the question
To share or not to share? - that is the question

Come again soon – I wonder if I should tell anyone else the peas are ready – or should I just keep it as my sweet little secret to nibble on!

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

18 thoughts on “All I want is a little bit of spinach – is that too much to ask?

    1. Hi There – the problem isn’t snaffling the first pea – it’s when I snaffling the 56th and 57th that I start to think…. hmm, maybe I should share! Cheers Sarah : o )

    1. Hi Sharon. I have to say that first pea pod of the season is the yummiest pea ever! It’s not too long from blossom to pod so you wont be waiting long. Cheers Sarah : o )

  1. Ooh, as much as I love my chickens, once they find the “good” stuff they are relentless and I threaten the stew pot. I have zero swiss chard left cause those little buggers found the seedlings and made quick work of them. 13 acres of woods, pastures and chicken scratching goodness and they always find my garden, little snots.
    Keep those delightful little peas a secret! My view on gardening is: If I’m doing all the work (or a vast majority of it), I get to have my own secret little “stash” of the goodies, especially when there isn’t enough of one thing to really go around.

    1. Hi Jenn. Our chickens were getting out because of a large whole in their fence. Apparently chicken wire isn’t strong enough to contain goats! So we fixed the fence, but they were still getting out. Turns out their wings need clipping again, but we keep forgetting to do it, because we have found the best time to clip chicken wings is at night when they are asleep – just grab them from their perch and while they are still groggy from sleep, its snip snip snip. Although you cant put them back on the perch as they just fall off! Even the scary rooster is easy to do! Chickens are so funny!
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  2. It is always a fight with the varmints- we don’t have chickens, but the gophers and aphids are a battle all year…Enjoy the peas- ours aren’t ready yet…;-(

    1. Hi There. I have discovered that where we are, if you choose the right varieties you can have peas all year round, which is fanastic. Which is great because there is nothing like a fresh pea straight from the pod! Happy gardening. Cheers Sarah : o )

  3. Why not try starting the plants in a starter inside and then transplanting them once they get a little bigger? I’ve been experimenting with different starting containers and plastic cups work good.

    1. Hi there. I think I may need to start them inside – again, whatever has been eating the seeds has been at it again. Thanks for the tip. Cheers Sarah : o )

  4. My chickens always destroyed my strawberry patch. It was so frustrating that we finally gave up. The best of luck with your spinach! 🙂

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