I’m supposed to be doing other things.

But it’s cold and I can’t seem to focus.  Well –it’s not actually that cold – I’m just a bit of a sook today.  To give me a tiny bit of credit, there was a frost this morning, but now the sun is out, shining its watery thin light through the clouds onto my desk as I sit here with a warm blanket over my knees and try to work.  I’ve done a bit of work but maybe I should wrap up warm and head into the garden – that normally clears my head a little.

Ice on my veggies - an increasingly familiar sight around here now.
Ice on my veggies – an increasingly familiar sight around here now.

But it’s been a funny week weather wise. Even the weather people don’t seem to know what is going on because the three day forecast seems to change several times a day and the bright sunshine I was looking forward to yesterday didn’t happen, and the sunshine icon keeps being shuffled along further into the week.  At this point Friday has the sunshine icon – but we will have to wait until Friday to see what actually happens.  It’s all a bit crazy.

First there was so much rain that the garden was ankle deep in water, so any weekend gardening was out of the question.  Which was fine, because the weekend was pretty full on with non-gardening activities.

Apparently there is a group of small boys playing rugby in this photo!
Apparently there is a group of small boys playing rugby in this photo!

Then came the fog.  The Joeyosaurus had a rugby game on Saturday morning and as they are still only little chaps, they only play on a third of the field, yet the fog was so bad we couldn’t see across to the other side.

Next came the grey – go nowhere day that is neither warm nor really cold, but the kind of day you just settle down in front of the fire with a bowl of hot soup.  This was a good day for the garden – not because I gardened, but because we came into the possession of some unusual trees.  Hubby the Un-Gardeners parents arrived bearing gifts of the best kind – green ones!   We received a coffee tree, a tea tree, a pine nut tree and a macadamia tree.  I should probably spend this restless energy today finding out the best way to plant these to ensure a bountiful harvest when the time comes.

Our exciting new trees
Our exciting new trees

As I don’t really believe the weather report, and it’s not actually raining, and the ground has stopped making that sucking noise it makes as the water drains away, I should get out there and spend an hour or so, because this could be the nicest weather we get all week – who knows?  But then again – it is a bit cold.  Maybe I’ll just go out and have a quick look…

Digging really helps warm you up!
Digging really helps warm you up!

Ok I admit it.  There is nothing like getting out there in the garden to shake the cobwebs out.  I should have done it hours ago.  Not only am I warmed up, I’m rearing to go.  I dug over the old tomato bed – soon to be garlic and onion bed and was encouraged by what I found:  Worms!  Lots of worms.  Which means the soil must be good.  Although it was a little wet and claggy so I will need to deal with that, so my cloves don’t rot.  But that is something for another day.  For now I must get on to the inside task I was struggling with earlier.

Come again soon – my garden always needs something done – regardless of the weather.

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

12 thoughts on “I’m supposed to be doing other things.

  1. Ya know what I found funny? I looked at those beautiful trees . . . and what caught my eye? The boot holder thingy in the background! I love it!! And the trees too. I love the trees. I just REALLY love things made from logs and so forth.

    1. Hi There. I didn’t even realise the boot holder was in the photo! It was built a couple of years ago out of necessity. I got tired of my gumboots filling with water and having to line them with plastic bags to keep my feet dry! Its made from a half round fence post (from when we took down all the fences to make raised beds) and spare rake handles! Nice and simple and does the job! Cheers Sarah : o )

  2. I’m glad there’s somewhere else in the world besides the Isle of Skye, where the forecasters can’t seem to make up their minds!

    1. Hi Gary. Good news: we got the sunshine on Friday and even unexpected on sunshine Saturday and Sunday. As much as weather forecasters get it wrong, its nice to have the surprise of a sunny day when you weren’t expecting it! I hope your summer defies any bad forecast and has endless days of summer warmth. Cheers Sarah : o )

  3. And Tasmania…don’t forget Tasmania…4 seasons in one day don’t quite cut the mustard when dealing with our weather 🙂

    1. Hi there. I know what you mean about the 4 seasons in one day. I just wish it was more predictable so I know what I’m working with. Although I’d gratefully embrace summer weather in winter with no complaints at all! Cheers Sarah : o )

  4. Hi Sarah. Thank you for liking my blog! Great to read about your gardening – a reminder that I need to sort out a patch to have my first ever attempt at growing garlic. We have only four small raised beds and I like to let at least a couple of them have a bit of a rest over the winter. We sure pack them full during the summer. We have tried growing things in bags to extend our garden space, but nothing is ever quite as good as our raised beds full of home-made compost.

  5. Hi Sarah – it was good of you to find time for my from-a-distance. When i read about your efforts in your big garden i’m quietly pleased that I have only a few pots on my roof terrace to cultivate 🙂

    1. Hi Don. Have to say I was really impressed with your spuds! I don’t think I have ever had a yield as prolific. I have just bought my seed potatoes for summer, so you have set the bar very high indeed! Cheers Sarah : o )

  6. Last year I grew vegetables from seed and it was a dead loss. This year I planted mostly spuds and thanks to the wet weather they have been prolific. Yet despite all the rain we’ve had so far this summer I’m still quite surprised to find how dry the compost is when I harvest my potatoes.
    good luck with your spuds – Don 🙂

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