Could-da, would-da, should-da

Once again I am so annoyed with myself.  We had over a week of glorious sunshine.  It is the middle of winter – this should not be taken for granted.  But I did!  I should have been out there every day doing things, making a difference, making things easier for my spring garden.  While I did do some things, I didn’t do as much as I wanted to do.  There was even a day that I didn’t actually leave the house – not even to poke my head out the front door!  And now I look out and I kick myself!

She's a bit wet!
She’s a bit wet!

It has been raining…  a lot!  It hasn’t stopped since Saturday afternoon.  A steady heavy rain with solid drops.  This is more like the winter weather we are accustomed to.  All the more reason why I should have gone outside and done things.  At the very least I should have mowed the grass around the veggie garden while the soil was dry enough.  That window of opportunity has now closed until the next period of dry that lasts beyond five days – although judging by the amount of water out there now I think I need a month of Sundays to dry it out!

I hope the strawberries will be ok
I hope the strawberries will be ok

Looking on the bright side the temperatures are about 10 degrees warmer. And I just had a quick look at the long range forecast and the good people at the weather office have promised me sunshine from Wednesday all the way through to Sunday.  I hope they aren’t teasing me.  I won’t hold out too much hope as they have been wrong before and have moved my sunshines across the forecast like chasing the pot of gold under the rainbow!

So here and now I declare that when the sun comes out again and the ankle deep water on the lawn subsides, I WILL:

  • Plant my trees – the pair of hazelnuts, the Stella cherry, the Santa Rosa plum, the fig that has been hanging out in a pot since last winter because I never got round to planting it, the tea, coffee, macadamia and pine nut we were given earlier, and the new bare root rose I bought last week for $5 in a clearance bin (I don’t know anything about roses – yet). It would have been so easy to do it last week.  I kick myself with my muddy gumboots – hard!
  • Mow!
  • Rescue the last blueberry not in a raised bed.
  • Clear a bed to plant the first of the spring peas (should be ready to eat in the spring)
  • Start to weed the raspberries that are awfully neglected.  I moved them from the orchard so they wouldn’t get ignored and they have just been mistreated dreadfully!
Crash course in rose care coming up...
Crash course in rose care coming up…

The orchard also needs attention as it needs to be pruned and sprayed and don’t get me started on the digging and the weeding…  Oh so much to do…  why oh why did I waste such lovely weather.  Never again!  A sunny day is a blessing and should be treated as such, not taken for granted and ignored!

This months photo...
This months photo…
... compared with last months photo
… compared with last months photo

Come again soon – it can’t be floody and muddy forever!

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

4 thoughts on “Could-da, would-da, should-da

  1. Hi Sarah sound a bit like me, not gettng out when weather was nice and sunny and this weekend wanting to get out BUT of the weather. You may have a flooded garden which I don’t BUT I bet you bedroom is nice and dry unlike might with a hug wet patch of carpet under the window. Can not see where the water has come from though. EKKK chip board floors ….
    Alot calmer tonight so fingers crossed for more more flooding in garden or bedroom.
    Love reading your posts

    1. Hi Carol. We could really do with this rain stopping. It hasn’t been this bad in ages! It was probably the strong winds that drove water into your bedroom… it was pretty nasty last night! I hope you get dried out quickly.
      If the forecast is anything to go by it should ease tomorrow – having said that as I type this the wind has gotten up again. Why is it always worse at night? Pop some towels around your window and have a great night dreaming of warmer drier days spent in your wonderful garden. Cheers Sarah : o ) x

  2. Ooooooh looks even wetter than this summer in England, which is saying something. Hope it perks up soon for us both on opposite ends of the planet!

    1. Hi there. Yes I could do with the rain stopping. Especially since our last summer was as bad as the one you are having. It would be just too much to have 2 wet summers in a row! Cheers Sarah : o )

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