I’ve been lied to…

I don’t know why I read the weather forecast and expect it to be true, because it never is.  The boffins are probably in their office with some kind weather map that they throw darts at so they can figure out what to tell us each day. 

To give them a little bit of credit the sunshine they promised was there in the morning with all its blue sky gloriousness and birds were singing and it was the beginnings of a day when you just couldn’t help but feel good about life. 

I went out to check on my onion seed and they still haven’t come up yet, but I gave them a wee drink to help entice them out of the soil.  Then I went into the shed to see if there was any evidence of the recently evicted squatters.  The place was still tidy, so there weren’t any late night parties, but there were a few little parcels on some of the ledges and all the bait was gone.  I reluctantly put down some more and hoped I wouldn’t run into any sickly looking creatures as that would make me feel really guilty.

Salad seedlings ready and waiting.
Salad seedlings ready and waiting.

Then I took a quick wander about the garden and settled on the salad bed.  It wouldn’t take much to whip it into shape, and I have seedlings that can go in straight away.  I glanced up at the beautiful blue sky and full of an unwarranted optimism I thought “I’ll take care of the salad later” and went inside to do other things. 

I shall take this beautiful rainbow as compensation for all the rain.
I shall take this beautiful rainbow as compensation for all the rain.

This was a mistake.  I should have got stuck in there and then. Not long after I went inside it started to rain.  I definitely didn’t see it coming.  There were no rain clouds about earlier.  As if by way of compensation there was an amazing rainbow right over my garden.

I stayed inside and did a different kind of gardening…  I made flowers, pretty flowers.

While loads of fun and really pretty its not quite the same as actual gardening.
While loads of fun and really pretty its not quite the same as actual gardening.

Even the temperatures were all wrong.  After dark I realised that I’d left the greenhouse door open and I didn’t want anything to freeze overnight so raced outside to shut it.  It felt rather warm so I checked the thermometer and it was 13.5°C, which is hardly what you expect from a cold winter evening in the middle of June.

Come again soon –  I think I need to find my raincoat if I want to garden all winter.

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

5 thoughts on “I’ve been lied to…

  1. I like the paper flowers. Very sweet.

    Maybe you can invest in one of those pop up canopies, then drag it along, stake it to ground, and garden in spite of the rain. 🙂

      1. Please let me know if you do. I set one up once so I could garden in the intense heat. It was a bit of work, but allowed me hours of weeding I couldn’t have done otherwise.

  2. We have had a pretty dry winter so far but at least it is cold here so the ground can recover from the horrific moisture loss over our extended summer. I am not complaining about the cold or the rain, I love it :). Send a bit of that Kiwi precipitation over our way in Tassie if you are finished with it please 🙂

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