Apparently working in the rain is not what you should do….

… According to Hubby the Un-Gardener.  There I was doing my thing completely oblivious to what was going on around me.  And he comes along and tells me I should stop and go inside because it was pouring with rain.  I looked around and thought “Oh.  So it is.”

Has it been raining?
Has it been raining?

It wasn’t raining when I started.  I wanted to tick off number 16 on the list – to straighten out the trees in the orchard that are on a serious lean.  I would also liked to have done number 8 on the list – which is to mow the orchard, but my lack of forethought has the ride on lawn mower trapped at the back of the shed behind my partially assembled greenhouse.  Another reason to push on and get the greenhouse done – aside from the fact there is an ever increasing number of seed trays building up in my craft room!

Well its kind of straight - you should have seen it before!
Well its kind of straight – you should have seen it before!

So I’ve been working a little hard lately and was feeling a bit tired so I thought I’d drive down to the orchard with all my supplies instead of lugging it all.  To be fair there was a lot of stuff and it is a fair distance.  I had the poles, a hammer and the ties, I had scissors for cutting the ties, I had some fertilisers and some neem granules and a spoon to measure it out – I’m using everything I can think of this year to target the dreadful pear slug that decimated the leaves on my pear and plum trees last summer.  Well not this year – I’m on to them, starting with the neem granules around the base of the trees. Oh and I had the push mower and the petrol can.  So it was more than a handful.

This may look like it has been mowed by some kind of madman, but there is a logic to it - honestly!
This may look like it has been mowed by some kind of madman, but there is a logic to it – honestly!

There I was with all my stuff loaded into the car and ready to go – except the lawn mower.  I could have lifted it into the car myself, but this day it seemed just too hard.  My mind was willing, but my mind was also weak.  So I suggested to Hubby the Un-Gardener that he load it into the car for me, drive to the orchard with me and unload it and then walk back.  I didn’t expect him to take me seriously, but he is such a lovely man that he actually did it.

So there I was happily working away in my orchard.  I straightened some trees; I fed them all and treated some with the neem.  And I was mowing around the base of all the trees to keep the competition down and I was in my own little world completely oblivious to the big fat raindrops falling all around at an increasing intensity.

Spring is not too far away
Spring is not too far away

This is when Hubby the Un-Gardener showed up and growled at me.  He packed up all my stuff and drove us back to the warm and dry house.  The thing is I’d left the car open the whole time I was down at the orchard and clouds of these little flying bugs had decided it was a good place to shelter from the rain.  Most of them are still in there, every time you turn on the fan loads are puffed out at you!  Hopefully they won’t stay there!

Come again soon – rain is interfering with my plans.

Sarah the Gardener : o )

5 thoughts on “Apparently working in the rain is not what you should do….

  1. Oh Sarah, you sound like me. I’ve been know to pull weeds in the rain till drenched or to do ‘one last thing’ before realizing I can’t feel my fingers any more.

    You’ve accomplished a lot. Well done, well done. Sorry to hear about the bugs in the car, though. While your description made me smile, I’ve no doubt they’re quite annoying flying about. I hope they vacate soon.

    1. Hi Alys. Sometimes I can really lose myself in the garden, but the worst thing that can be lost is time. So I’m not surprised I didn’t notice the rain.

      There are still one or two bugs lingering in car – they are a little like whitefly. It was all really quite funny.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

      1. I’m glad you had a good laugh. And what better place to lose time than a garden. I’ve always thought that if you really lost track of time, it was because you were doing something you love, something to engage you heart and soul.

    1. Thank you Yasim. I guess it does look quite cool. I have been thinking a bit lately about mowing some kind of labyrinth or pattern into the lawn for the summer which would be really cool!
      Cheers Sarah : o )

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