We need to interrupt this gardening saga for real life to take over.

Normal blogging will resume imminently. 

The rain has stopped but the ground is still really soggy.  I went into the garden to have a look but was daunted by what I saw.

Where do I start?
Where do I start?

Not that I was able to do anything about it, if I wanted to, as outer-garden commitments are demanding attention and must have their needs met.  That and I’m getting a bit knackered.

How I had my zucchini today.

I think there is more out there, but there is none in the fridge because I chopped them up and fried them and added them to our Chinese takeaway!

Come again soon – the garden can’t be without attention for much longer and the guilt won’t let me stay away!

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

4 thoughts on “We need to interrupt this gardening saga for real life to take over.

  1. Take a deep breath. Step away from the tools. Give yourself a break. It’ll all still be there in half an hour. Make a list, break it down. I hear a note of anguish here, and I remind you: you’re in charge, not the garden! You’re doing great!

    1. Thanks Kate. It doesn’t help that Christmas and the holidays are just weeks away, but the best advice I ever had was “how do you eat an elephant? – one spoonful at a time” so slowly but surely I will get there – one step at a time and maybe some things wont get done at all and that’s ok.
      Thanks for your encouragement.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  2. Thank GOODNESS someone elses garden looks like mine! I feel SO much better now :). Sarah, your honesty is my happiness. Everywhere I turn there are weeds up to my ears and 4 acres of weeds is a journey too far in my poor pre-Christmas addled brain. The temptation is to go and hide under the bed but I am resisting and am steadfastly putting my head down and doing 1 thing at a time. I figure 1 thing is going to be 1 less thing I have to do tomorrow…who knows…one day the “things” might stop! HA!!!! 😉

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