12 thoughts on “PHOTO DAY 2: STREET

  1. Aka Aka eh? Sounds like the morning cry of our wattle birds or the inner city cough of the early morning smoker…your vista is a bit like ours except you have luxury digs and are privy to a real tarmac road with white stripes?! LUXURY! Tractors don’t come down our road much as they would get bogged. I am always up before the sun but I am rarely at the window, door or most definitely down at the front of the property to pay homage to such an event. Kudos Ms Sarah, I salute your integrity and desire to satisfy the brief. I would be cheating and taking a shot at dusk…who is going to know eh? 😉

    1. Hi Fran. It’s pronounced Ah car Ah car and has a population of about 12. Nah… more than that – big enough for a primary school with 50 kids! But that is about all it has. The local village / small town is about 10 minutes away. It is an idyllic close knit rural community that we love being a part of.
      The dusk shots aren’t as spectacular here as there is a hill in the way. Not a big hill but in the right (wrong) place.
      At least I wasn’t out there in my PJs!
      Cheers S : o )

      1. We live in uppercubuckance Sidmouth with a grand total of “a few”. Pretty much like your rural area but we don’t have a primary school, only a small shop that doubles as a post office. We have lots of small towns around us as apparently Tasmanians don’t like to travel very far to go anywhere without dropping into a shop or a village at least every 10km which makes travelling quite pleasant. I come from W.A. where there can be hundreds of kilometres between towns and on a long drive there are endless stretches of nothing between towns. Bugger on the dusk shots…oh well, at least you weren’t in your PJ’s 😉

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