Come and wander through my garden.

We had a window of lovely weather on the weekend, but then it turned to custard.  The boffins have predicted cold, wind, rain, thunderstoms and hail, but every time I check the forecast again, it seems to have been shifted to the next day.  I’m hoping they don’t know what they are talking about.  The rain that we are getting now is just in short bursts and therefore quite manageable to garden around them.  It is a bit cold though.

So this tour is more than an update for me, it is a statement of faith – the warm sunny days are possible.  We have had a few days like it, so surely there are more to come…

Check out how my garden is looking – it is as it should be – planted out and growing well.

Come again soon – there is still much to do.

Sarah the Gardener : o )

6 thoughts on “Come and wander through my garden.

  1. Hey Miss, wow lots happening in your garden. Love the way you are growing the tomatoes – sensational idea with the string. I’m going to give that a whirl. Rats dug up my bean seed, so I’m going to do the norm and sow indoors. Yep, I’ve been busy snapping off my garlic flower heads … as for the rust, I have it this year too. Not much you can do about it I’m afraid, although I spray with seaweed fert which is meant to assist – changes the pH of the leaves. I have onion envy! LOL Mine look a shambles compared to yours. Great idea with the cucs too. I always over plant and have problems. Loving your herbs!!!!

    1. Hi Julie. The tomato strings are a work in progress. Last year I used quite a soft wire and it drooped under the weight of the tomatoes. This year I have changed things – after talking to the guy at the hardware store and have plastic washing line string, but am using a fence tensioner so when it starts to droop I can tighten it up. I hope it works. I need to see if my beans have come up maybe today or tomorrow. I think the horrible spring is causing my rust. I just need a few dry days in a row! There is always something! Cheers Sarah : o )

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