PHOTO DAY 13: Moment

Brief:  Capture a fleeting moment and experiment with blur and movement.

Ok this is difficult because veggies don’t move.  But as it was the third sunny day in a row and I had done all my inside urgent tasks, then there was nothing for it but to get out into the garden and do things.  Now if someone else was doing this course they would have captured a sensational blurring movement as I whizzed about the garden tackling overdue tasks and loving every minute of it.

school bus in motion
The school bus whizzes by.

But I had to interrupt the weeding and try and capture a great shot reflecting movement.  I have been learning all about getting things in focus and now we have to have it all fuzzy!  I decided to capture a car zooming past our place at 100km.  It was quite difficult as the cars are few and far between and when the first one came I got so excited I hit the off button by mistake. Eventually some more cars came by and I was able to check the settings.  Then when I thought I had it right, the school bus came past.  Snap!

An just to keep this post remotely gardening related here is a kohlrabi.  – taken on my phone.

2 thoughts on “PHOTO DAY 13: Moment

    1. Hi Julie.
      Kolhrabi is cool. it is quick and easy to grow and when it gets to about the size of a cricket ball you harvest it and peel it and it is the texture of an apple without the core in the middle. It tastes like a cross between a cabbage, a radish and something else I can’t quite define. We use it chopped finely in a coleslaw or make chips out of them to eat raw with a dip, Or you can cut them into large cubes roast them or steam them and smother them with a yummy cheese sauce. They are so versatile for such a weird veggie!
      Cheers Sarah : o )

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