Summer days are here again.

… well according to the calendar and the lovely image Google has provided when I open a new tab, we are officially in summer.  However the boffins seem to have other ideas and have mixed things up.  Maybe they have their big forecast book upside down and are trying to plunge us deeper into the seasons we have just emerged from.  It is cold and the rain keeps coming in short but heavy bursts, interrupting the sun trying it’s hardest to shine.  If I was summer I wouldn’t tolerate it.  I would be a primadonna of a season and tell that pushy wind and rain to get lost.  This is my season and I want everyone to notice me!

So while we wait for the latest shower to stop so I can go out into the garden and optimistically add irrigation devices, I thought I’d take some time to complete the very last assignment in the photo course I have been doing.  I have loved every moment of it and have learnt a lot.  I want to thank all my gardening buddies for their patience as I was distracted and side tracked by this month long programme, however – I did have you in mind, I tried to keep my camera focused on the garden and I hope in blog posts to come the images will be lovelier.   If you ever get the opportunity to participate in one of WordPress University courses I would say wholeheartedly go for it.  There is nothing to lose at all and loads to gain.  And so for the final time, here is a quick roundup all my photo journey over the last month.

Come back soon – I have early onions to harvest…  I didn’t see that coming.  I should have paid more attention to the seed packet!

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

17 thoughts on “Summer days are here again.

  1. I have enjoyed your photos throughout the challenge Sarah, and made a new friend to boot. I am also a keen gardener and when the weather permits, that’s usually where you will find me.
    How do you get your photos all together like that in a post? I have tried and tried but just can’t get it right.

    1. Thanks Barb. It’s lovely to have you here. I can’t imagine life without a garden.
      The photos were created in a gallery using the mosaic setting. It seems to have come out nicely. Before all of this I’d never really done galleries before. I quite like them now, especially if you have a lot to show, but don’t want to go on forever down the page.
      Have a fab day.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

    1. Thanks Claire. I have had a lot of fun taking all the photos, but also finding out what can make an ordinary image much better. I’m normally a point and shot kinda girl – with maybe a touch of staging from time to time!
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  2. What a gorgeous array of photos. I’m so glad that I found your site through the course. I’ll be keeping an eye out for hints and tips that I can use here once this chilly winter is over. A few months left to go yet though.

    1. Thank Kaye. It was a fabulous course. I learnt so much. I hope you can find a slice of sunshine here over your cold winter. I may just have to steal some of yours in a few months time.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

  3. Ditto on the rain this time. We have one day of cloudy respite and the rest of the week is rainy. Last year it rained so much most of our topsoil washed away before Christmas…lets just hope it stays mild and drizzly rather than washy awayee! At least we don’t have to water 🙂

    1. Hi Fran. Our boffins are predicting a “normal” summer, what ever that means these days. But they have been so bold as to declare December will be dry. So I am going to roll out my great garden irrigation domination plan…. You heard it here first!
      You make need to ask santa this year for topsoil that stays put! I’m sure you’ve been good enough.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

      1. I had to be good?! Maybe that’s why I lost all my topsoil! ;). We are supposed to have a hot dry summer. I think we might be emigrating to New Zealand 😉

    1. Thanks Sarah. I used to be a point and shoot kinda girl, and still am a little because old habits die hard, but I learnt so much on the course and taking a few moments to think about a photo before pushing the button can make such a difference.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

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