Twas just days before Christmas

And all through the garden

Not a weed was stirring not even tbe dock

And the vines were staked and tied

In hopes that red tomatoes would soon be here

The potatoes were asleep in their bed

As visions of mint sauce danced in my head

Sunny days are here again - finally..  Hooray!
Sunny days are here again – finally.. Hooray!

The garden has been given its final once over.  There is now no time to linger, not even for a moment.  The peas have been picked and so there will be more in a few days when the busy dies down.  The tiny zucchinis have been removed from the plant lest they become marrows.  Zucchini and marrow aren’t really considered festive fair.

The birds haven't found the blackcurrants...  yet
The birds haven’t found the blackcurrants… yet

The strawberries have a great future in a colourful fruit salad accompanied by fresh plums, apricots and blue berries and from a road side stall.  The final touch will be the red and black currants that have begun to come ripe.

The potatoes have grown wonderfully and bountifully.  And from 2 small seed potatoes we have enough to feed more than a dozen people and a lot cheaper than the approximate $10 a kilo being offered in stores.

Spuds galore
Spuds galore

The lettuce is in peak condition and awaiting a dressing down.  It is a but harsh to treat it like that, but salad must grace the table on Christmas day.

Fresh eggs will be beaten into the obligatory pav slathered in fresh whipped cream.

It is starting to feel like Christmas.

Fabulous festive fare (except for the  zucchini - no one wants to eat them on Christmas day)
Fabulous festive fare (except for the zucchini – no one wants to eat them on Christmas day)

The garden will just have to hold tight for the next couple of days because I’ll be a bit busy being festive and celebrating, sharing gifts, eating too much and singing carols to proclaim the real reason for the season – a little boy who has a birthday and gives the best gifts!

Merry Christmas to you all and have a Safe and Happy New Year

Sarah the Gardener

For a Christmas treat here is the latest video from the garden:

15 thoughts on “Twas just days before Christmas

  1. Au contrair Ms Sarah, narf wants to eat zukes on Christmas day. I griddled mine, added garlic and herbs and they are soaking in a lovely mix of vinegar and good quality olive oil. DELISH! Have an awesome Christmas and heres hoping those birds don’t find your currants!

      1. :). I also marinated home grown globe artichokes in lemon, olive oil and herbs and chilli. Hoping they taste as good as they look :). Have an amazing Christmas Day and hopefully it won’t rain! 😉

  2. $10 a kilo for potatoes? I buy 10lb bags for $2 all the time! That’s INSANE! Glad you are growing them, I would be growing them for profit at that price!

    Everything looks beautiful! I love seeing gardens in other parts of the world while it’s freezing here in Michigan.

    1. Hi There. They are the gourmet new spuds, Jersey Bennes, and prices are always hiked at Christmas. Ordinary spuds are cheaper, but having said that, this spring the weather has been so terrible there is a bit of a national shortage of spuds so the prices will go up.
      I enjoy the same thing in our winters.
      Merry Christmas.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

      1. That makes more sense now. I going to be growing some “quality” varieties this summer that aren’t even available at the grocery stores. Hopefully it goes well!
        Have a great christmas!

  3. Sarah, what a beautiful bounty! I must admit to a bit of sentiment, too, as that blue and white checkered wash cloth reminds me of my mum. Funny what can trigger our memories and emotions.

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas, along with many more days in your garden.


    1. Hi Lucinda. It is so lovely to be able to enjoy the fruits of you labour in mid winter. I’ll bet those canned goods were fabulous. Have a wonderful New Year and blessings to your family.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

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