How and why you should grow a Gunny Sack Garden

This is such a fun project and great to get the kids involved and wonderful if you don’t have a lot of space and don’t mind a bit of shabby chic when growing your food.    This could be the new black – growing food in a sack!

ChildFund, Gifts that Grow, Gunny Sack Garden,
A Gunny Sack Garden all ready to go. You may want to secure it, to stop it toppling over.

This  Mother’s Day among all the indulgent gifts, burnt toast and warm tea, spare a thought for some mum’s who don’t get anything at all, yet continue to slave tirelessly for the love of their kids to make sure they are being feed.  I was approached by ChildfundNZ who brought this to my attention and I decided this was just a worthwhile cause to support, because I am just a mum trying to feed my family and I am not alone.  There are Mum’s in Kenya doing the same thing, but they are doing it a little harder than me.  Anything we can do to ease another’s burden is a blessing.

You can support this awesome cause >HERE<  

As a Gift that Grows families in Kenya will be able to create this easy garden and provide a family of six with supplementary vegetables for three months.  And it is really simple:

 I made up a blend of compost and potting soil and a generous helping of sheep poop pellets.   I even chucked in some general fertiliser and blood and bone for good measure.  Then I filled the sack to a third full with my lovely soil mix

Placing the pipe onto the soil, I filled it with gravel and small stones.  Then I carefully begin to fill the sack around the pipe with the lovely soil.  Once the soil reaches the  top of the pipe, gently lift it up and add more stones and continue adding soil to the sack

 When have filled the sack to the top carefully remove the pipe to reveal a clever irrigation channel that runs down the centre of the sack, ensuring all the plants will get a fair supply of water.

ChildFund, Gifts that Grow, Gunny Sack Garden,
And you have a fabulous irrigation channel down the centre of the sack

I have sown some enormous New Zealand spinach seeds for my Gunny Sack Garden as this is the ideal time of year.  So  all we have to do is wait.  Once the seeds germinate and are large enough to transplant, I’ll grab my kids and we will plant them into our Gunny Sack Garden so they can take a moment to understand the struggles other families face, just trying to stay healthy.  So please watch out for the next exciting installment of the Gunny Sack Garden.

Come again soon – find out what I learned from my flower garden.

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

9 thoughts on “How and why you should grow a Gunny Sack Garden

  1. Sarah, what a wonderful thing the gunny sack for the spinach and I look forward to seeing the progress. As you settle into Fall, we’re settling into Spring and beginning our planting here in Northern Ontario, Canada. Our season is so short, that it’s a struggle to know just what will grow, before our Fall hits like a rocket ship. Take care and happy gardening to ya, from Laura

    1. Hi Laura. It must be so difficult to work with such a short season. I just worked out my zucchini has been in for 8 months and is still going strong. It will keep going until the frost – probably anytime between tomorrow or up to 6 weeks away. I hope you manage to make the most of your spring and summer and have a fabulous season.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

      1. Sarah, thank you for your comments. It is so difficult to get anything other than lettuce to grow with the short season.

        My tomatoes usually make it alright as long as I cover them at night.. most nights.. right now it’s dipping below – 1 tonight, so everything is covered up tight.

        The rain won’t stop either, so it’s a very slow go for the past three years.. I hope it warms up again soon, because I had just hardened off my plants…

        oh my I should have waited for the end of May as we got snow on May 30th last year… In my zone I only get 123 days between frost… not very many days at all….

        Take care my dear and I eagerly await your next post. P.S. I’m glad you can finally eat your chocolate again.. that must have been a long month….

        Happy gardening to ya, from Laura in Northern Ontario, Canada

  2. What a fun little garden. I’ve not seen the idea of a channel of rocks down the center before. It’s similar to a keyhole garden, but in a smaller scale.

    How true: mothers everywhere struggle to feed there family. I’m heading to your link now.

    Thanks for sharing and caring, Sarah. xox

    1. Hi Alys. It is pretty cool. Apparently when done right – which I hope I have you can plant up to 30 plants around the sides. My seedlings are coming along nicely.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

        1. HI Alys. My spinach seedlings are coming along nicely so I am also keen to see how well thirty plants will fit in. It is a great adventure for a great cause.
          Cheers Sarah : o)

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