The Big Spring Clean

The busyness has haunted me for weeks, shadowing my every move.  It has caused me to leave a trail of debris behind me because I have been so focussed that tidying up isn’t thought of as part of the task, but a necessary evil that can be done at a later date.  Although we all know, this never happens.

The blossoms have been amazing
The blossoms have been amazing. I’ll miss them when they all fall off the tree!

So now I find myself in a lull, a quiet patch.  Well there is less going on than before.  And to make this lull even more special, the weather has been glorious.  The kind of day when you not only want to get out and garden, but you feel obliged to.  It would be wrong to waste a day toiling and tidying indoors when you could toil and tidy outdoors.

There is an urgency about it all, I must get out and garden, as time moves by and seems to be picking up speed with each season that passes.  We have passed the equinox and the clocks have been set forward and some of the days have a warmth in them that can almost be described as summer-esk.  A pile of gardening books on a table waiting to be returned to a shelf can be done once the sun has set.  However the full brightness of a glorious day is made for gardening.

Check out what I’ve been up to now that I’m not up to all the busy stuff:

Come again soon – I’ve a greenhouse full of little seedlings who need lots of tender loving care.

Sarah the Gardener  : o )

6 thoughts on “The Big Spring Clean

  1. I love your videos! It’s amazing to me that I can watch you garden on the other side of the world as if you were down the street. What’s the mesh over the beds for? We don’t really do that here in the US (or at least I don’t)… Happy Spring to you! It’s just getting to be fall here.

    1. It is amazing how the Great Big Internet can make us all neighbours. The mesh is to stop Toast the Cat pooping in my seedlings. Once the seedlings are big enough for her to realise there is actually something growing there, then I remove it.
      Cheers Sarah : o )

        1. Hi. The funny thing is cats seem to be able to tell where the seeds have been planted and will go in that spot. The trellis just stops her from scratching it all up. It works well.
          Cheers Sarah : o)

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