The Big Picture – Part three

The garden map 2015
The garden map 2015 as it stands – provided I don’t expand it any further!

Finally we have reached the last part of the tour.  I do love having a large garden and eating the fruits of my labour, but I do have to say at times there is a lot of labour!  I am blessed enough to have this incredible space and want to do my best to encourage others to pick up a spade.  Normal people don’t need gardens as big as mine though.  Just a small patch in a sunny corner of the yard will reap rewards.

So where were we….  Halfway down the soft fruit row.

The Gooseberry and Boysenberry Bed
The Gooseberry and Boysenberry Bed – currently empty as I have killed a few gooseberries. But I never like to give up on a dream. And the boysenberry – well it followed me home…


Several gooseberries have met there end in my garden.  But I haven’t given up and have another one ready to go in the bed, although I am going to share it with a boysenberry that somehow made it into my car after a trip to the garden centre.  This is going to need some kind of frame to grow up so I’ve put my thinking cap on.  Goodness knows what I’ll come up with.

The Blueberry Bed
The Blueberry Bed – there are even healthy looking berries in there which I hope to get before the birds!


These are looking the healthiest they ever have.  I’m not sure what I’ve done, but I’ll take it as a victory.  Bring on the blueberries!!

The Cape Gooseberry and Guava Bed
The Cape Gooseberry and Guava Bed – it isn’t much to look at now but it will be marvelous


I love Cape Gooseberries and they are a superfood so they really should have a space in my garden.  But they do have a habit of coming back again and again as they self seed everywhere.  So it just make sense to give them a space of their own.  They were over by the greenhouse but the new compost system caused them to be homeless, so now I have to fill their bed with soil so they have a home to go to.  They will also be sharing it with a Chilean guava – another one of those unexpected garden centre things.  I really should stop going to these places.

The Potato Bed
The Potato Bed – hoping for a great crop this year. I even labelled them so I harvest them at the right time this year.


The spuds are in and doing great, except I haven’t mounded them up yet…. Hopefully better late than never is good enough.  They just grew so quickly.  One moment they were tiny babies waiting to be buried up to their necks and now they are towering above the garden and attempting to put out their first flowers.

The Live Plants Teaching Bed
The Live Plants Teaching Bed – and in order to be a good example I need to get this planted out pronto.


This is my teaching garden where I grow alongside my learner friends and grow standard veggies in an average sized garden that a normal person would be happy with.  Not everyone wants to be crazy like me and try to grow it all!

The Autumn Raspberry Bed
The Autumn Raspberry Bed – so we have something to look forward to.


Because raspberries are good.  I am still mastering the fine art of growing these, but I’m getting there. This is especially important to me to get the hang of as my Grandfather used to have a raspberry farm.  I wish I was into gardening when he was around so I could have learnt all I could have.

The Summer Raspberry Bed
The Summer Raspberry Bed – I grew it separately because its pruning needs are different.


These are almost better than autumn raspberries because they are nearly ready now!  Yummo!

The Flower Garden
The Flower Garden – please don’t look too closely.

28     FLOWERS

This is my big experiment at growing cut flowers.  It doesn’t seem to have the same priority as everything else because it is not edible – but I am determined to not let this defeat me again this year.  However there is a lot of digging to be done to get this ready.  I sense some procrastination coming on.

The Pumpkin Bed
The Pumpkin Bed – I just tell Hubby the Un-Gardener it is being extended just a little. But between you and me I’ve tripled the size…. shhh

29     PUMPKIN

This is where I encourage all my pumpkins to grow in an orderly line out towards the big field.  They are surprisingly open to being told where to go. This is also the venue for the Giant Pumpkin competition where the Joeyosaurus remains undefeated.  Goodness knows how that happens, because these pumpkins mostly survive of neglect and disinterest from their owners and wouldn’t even stay alive if I didn’t step in and feed and water them!

The Strawberry Bed
The Strawberry Bed – there is enough here for any one or any thing remotely interested in eating strawberries to get their fill. Sharing is caring.


We have more than enough strawberries for jam, vodka, desserts, greedy gorging and for the birds to have some too.  I love sun warm strawberries.

The Yam Bed
The Yam Bed – I’ve been looking things up. This year we will have big ones.

31      YAMS

I have done a lot of research around these guys, to find out how to improve on the tiddly little ones I normally get.  This year it will be different.  Hopefully.

The Jerusalem Artichoke Bed
The Jerusalem Artichoke Bed – well they are kinda cool, although they were cooler a few years ago when they were the seasons “Must Have”


These are only of those ‘look at me’ crops.  They are so impressive that people can’t help notice them, and so I say “oh those – that’s just the Jerusalem Artichoke” and folk think my garden is impressive to have them in it.  But in reality once you have them you’ll always have them – so I might as well embrace that fact and actually eat them!

The Greenhouse
The Greenhouse – the finally stop in the tour. The power house of the garden where all life begins. I love my greenhouse.

And that is the state of my garden at this point, but a garden without plants in it is just a giant dirt box or kitty litter box depending on how you want to look at it.  So I must get on – my seedlings need me.

Come again – I’ll do this again at some point through the growing season so you can get the big picture.

Sarah the Gardener : o )

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  1. So envious of your space!! Not so envious of the hard work, but no pain no gain. I also have an understanding gardener husband, who is an engineer. His vision of straight line specially and my cottage garden style is an interesting mix. Looking forward to your next update. Many thanks 👍🌽🌺🌻🌹

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