Allotment Challenge

Now there is something cool sweeping the You Tube gardening community – a nominate / pay it forward / answer 10 questions kind of thing, but it is a bit of fun and is bringing the community together and I do have to say gardeners are indeed the nicest people. It is the Allotment Challenge and from what I can make out it was started by Foodie Laura about two weeks ago, but it has really picked up some traction.

I was nominated by Sean James Cameron at The Horticultural Channel in the UK  and if you haven’t been to his channel before, you really should go and have a look.    You can check out my contribution here:

Look out for other videos on You Tube tagged with allotment challenge or Allotment Q&A.

Come again soon – the festive season is upon us and so is my thriving summer garden, which makes for an interesting juggling act!

Sarah the Gardener  : o )


8 thoughts on “Allotment Challenge

  1. Thanks for answering Stan’s challenge! I really enjoy watching your videos and have learned so much from you, Sean, Donna and sooo many more 🙂 I am in Indiana, US, and seem to be drawn to UK, Australia and New Zealand gardeners. It is fun to be able to see what is going on all over the world in addition to at home. Sorry you have been under the weather but like your attitude!

  2. Your garden looks amazing over there, and I know you’re enjoying each and every day. Take care of yourself, and have a wonderful peaceful weekend ~ Bluebird ( Laura from Northern Canada)

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