A Bit Corny

We are in the midst of a heat wave.  It is just too hot to sleep properly, too hot to sit and do nothing and more importantly, too hot to garden.  The heat is making me a little grumpy at Hubby the Un-Gardener, but he just doesn’t understand the depth of my frustration.  I really want to garden and going out there would ordinarily be enough to calm me down on the odd occasion I get a little titchy.    But not now, it would be a bonkers idea.

Sweet corn in the making
It won’t be long before I’m trying to decide how to eat these!

It is just madness really.  We spend about 49 weeks of the year waiting for this –  proper summer, and what do we do when it gets here?  Moan and bleat about how hot it is.  But it isn’t just the heat that is the problem.  I am almost envious of my plants who seem to be loving it and even flourishing.  All I can to do is nip out there from time to time to make sure the irrigation is still working as it should.  Like actually making its way through the hose and checking that dodgy connection hasn’t burst again, making sure the water is soaking into the soil and not spraying madly about the leaves as that could cause a multitude of problems, from sunburn to powdery mildew and even the dreaded blight.

If there is one plant that will flourish in the heat then it’s the peppers – they are looking good!

You’re not really supposed to water in the heat of the day, but the problem is that is my only option.  There are no cool bits.  From the moment the sun hits the horizon to the moment it sinks behind it and then into the night – it is hot.  And I’m not sleeping well enough to get up while it is still dark.  I may be mad, but I’m not that crazy.

Tomatoes in the making
All over the garden the tomatoes are beginning to show their true colours

However this morning I braved the heat to show you what has been going on, so step inside my world and check out my corn….  It is magnificent!


Come again soon – I shall find a way to garden around this.  I must garden.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)



12 thoughts on “A Bit Corny

  1. Oh to have your warm sunshine! We are in the middle of winter! What we wouldn’t give for a red juicy, fresh off the vine, sliced tomato! Your garden looks lovely!

    1. Hi Buffy. I do have to say the tomatoes are not disappointing this year. I had almost forgotten how delish they are in the long wait between seasons. It will be your turn soon enough.
      Cheers Sarah : o)

  2. I’ve applied my sunscreen before reading your post – ooh I can feel the heat. 😉 The envy of sweetcorn, peppers and tomatoes all growing beautifully in the sunshine.

    Thanks for braving the heat and bringing a touch of warmth to my kitchen. It’s pretty gusty outside here today and rain is forecast.

  3. Oh Sarah, I feel your pain. I’m miserable in the heat. It gets on my last nerve and makes me irritable and impatient. Here though, we usually get a cool down at night, so that early morning watering has some potential. I hope the excessive heat breaks soon. Meanwhile, that corn is looking lovely, as are the tomatoes and peppers. Your garden is indeed having fun in the heat.

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