Pictures will have to do

Over the last seven days I have written well over eight thousand words and my fingers actually ache.  But it wasn’t all slaving over a worn keyboard – indulging in breaks in the garden where I got to feel the sun on my face, got dirt stuck under my nails and did some good honest digging.  The garden is what seems to be behind all endeavours and I would be lost without it.  A day doesn’t go by where I don’t take some kind of photo of the garden, even when I’m crazy busy.   So to save my poor fingers further torment, here are a selection of my most recent images.

Hmmm Feijoas....
Hmmm Feijoas…. soon my pretties! I love these so much.
Apple tree
This is one confused apple tree
Lambs in the late afternoon
Lambs in the late afternoon
A bumblebee warming himself on the sun warmed bricks before he gets going for the day.
Dried flowers?
Dried or dead flowers? They were quite pretty not that long ago. I should really replace them – when I find the time!
Toast the Cat
Toast the Cat hanging out in the greenhouse. She is no longer seeking out the cool shady places in the garden but now looking for the warm places.
Orange Cake
I even baked a cake…. I don’t often bake, but when faced with an enormous word count – procrastination sets in. It was a nice cake…

Come again soon – I’ve almost used up all the words I need and then the garden can be the main focus again.

Sarah  the Gardener  : o)



12 thoughts on “Pictures will have to do

      1. I too am an outdoor girl, even the windows have to be open if inside, it’s great here in Malta because warm enough and bright, so enjoyable 🙂

        1. How fabulous to be in Malta. I do year for the chilly days when snuggled around a fire feels cozy, but for the most part I just want to be out there tending to my garden in someway. My project isn’t far from completion and then I can get out there and sort out the neglect.
          Cheers Sarah : o)

    1. Hi Alys. I can almost see the end of my project and my poor fingers will be so pleased after all the writing.
      Toast is such a sweetie – you can tell the weather is getting cooler because she hangs out in the greenhouse during the day and at night she is much more interested in curling up on my lap than she has been over the summer! It’s not really cold yet – but it will be soon.
      Cheers Sarah : o)

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