Sweet Digging

It was a grey gloomy old winter day and like easing yourself into a swimming pool, once I got into the garden it wasn’t actually that bad.  I hadn’t gone as far as to wear a beanie, but I hadn’t been in the garden long before I’d abandoned my jumper and gloves and was happily digging about in the cool, damp soil.   I achieved a lot.  Not a lot that could be crossed off my ever expanding list, but a lot in tackling big tedious jobs that make the garden seem more in control and orderly.

Nothing like a mow to make things feel in control
Nothing like a mow to make things feel in control

But I saved the fun jobs to show you, so sit back and enjoy spot of hard work going on in my winter garden:

Come again soon – if this rate of activity keeps up I may actually gain control over my garden.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)




19 thoughts on “Sweet Digging

  1. Keep telling my husband to make raised beds in our garden, easier to control the weeds. We grow those great sweet potatoes every year. Your garden is coming along nicely.

    1. Hi Peggy. The raised beds help keep my garden from flooding in the winter in my soggy swamp soil, but it is a little easier to manage the weeds too! Enjoy your garden
      Cheers : o)

    1. Hi Virginia. We very rarely get snow and if we are lucky a handful of frosts. They say that this shortest day is going to be the warmest ever, although it is still a little cold. It is nice to be able to grow all year round
      Cheers Sarah : o)

  2. How many slips did you put in each bucket? I start my slips with the kumara in a bucket of sand then plant slips in the garden (Hawkes’s Bay). Got a nice wee haul this year from about 10 slips

    1. Hi Judy. I think I put four or five in each container. And then I promptly forgot about them all summer. I did water them from time to time, but I could have given them a bit more love than I did so I’m surprised there were any there at all! Fresh kumara are so delish! Enjoy yours : o)

  3. Hey Sarah, really liked the vidblog! Those PEANUTS looked Good! I have some organic tomatoes, potatoes, and yams that I am growing in my garden right now! When is the next vidblog?!? I luv it. I will be checking back in. Cheers!

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