Pretty as a picture

Sometimes when you are working so hard on something, that all you can see is what is ahead of you, all you still have to do.  The wood becomes lost in the trees.  So you put your head down and your butt up and you keep pushing through because you know if you keep at it you will get there in the end.  The thing is with a garden there is no end so you need to stop and look up often or you might miss something interesting.

Potato flower
The humble spud has a lovely flower

After a marathon mowing session, as the afternoon was giving way to the evening I leaned on the mower to catch my breath and was surprised at what lay before me, a garden that looked orderly and tidy.  I’m not sure how it happened but all of a sudden the list of things to do faded into the background as I admired all I had achieved.  I just had to show you what I saw:

I think maybe the section thing is working.  On Monday I did the blue group – well most of the blue group – the zucchini and the bean beds were a bit hard so I took two easy beds from other sectors – but 7 beds got done.  Then the next day I did another 7 beds from the green sector – they were all easy and so there was time for mowing.  Having said that, I had a full ‘out of garden day’ today and my hands stayed clean.  So the yellow sector needs a catch up.   But I still have more plants to repot in time for the fundraising event this weekend so I hope the wheels don’t fall of the cart in the first week.  Having said that gardens are forgiving and it will get back on track.

Come again soon – Gardens are always a place of hope and optimism.

Sarah the Gardener : o)



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