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We are all still pretty much ga-ga over the latest addition to our family – Fennel the kitten, and she has turned our world upside down with her bursts of manic energy.  Fortunately kittens wear out quite easily so one moment she is racing around in a blur and the next she is curled up fast asleep in some strange place.

The fabulous Fennel
The fabulous Fennel – taking in all the things going on in her new world

Sleep time for Fennel is garden time for me, as I know I’ll have about an hour before I need to check on her to see what form of mischief she is into.  I’m beginning to worry about putting up the Christmas tree.   However Fennel isn’t the only thing keeping me from the garden at the moment.  The festive season is now upon us, and so is summer. Today is the first official day of summer and it was like a switch had been flipped and the temperatures adjusted accordingly.  I’d like to think it is now safe to put away my thick socks for another season.

The move to summer is a great thing for the garden.  Hopefully things will be more settled and my plants can get on with the business of growing without being hindered by horrible winds and I can get out there and tend to them without being soaked to the skin in a deluge of cold rain.  Not that that happened but it could have – I mostly stayed inside while it was raining.  I did buy a large beach umbrella to keep dry while gardening as it did start to feel like the rain would never stop, but I never got the chance to use it.  Maybe it can be  a new summer shade brolly to keep those harsh UV rays off me as I go about the garden, doing my thing.

But the thing is – this festive season thing.  It has already taken me away from my beloved garden and into the city for a fancy Christmas doo.  We had a lot of fun and the hosts were fabulous and I wouldn’t have missed it, however, the garden sat waiting.  The sector system is in complete disarray as I rush around being reactive and not proactive.  This really wasn’t how it was supposed to be.  But I shall adapt and adjust and get back on track, even if it means doing 5 sectors in one day, because as we draw nearer to Christmas and the holidays that follow, it isn’t going to get any better and the demands of life beyond the garden is going to get crazier before it calms down again.  So long as I stay on top of the harvesting and succession planting at the very least and the weeds and mowing at best. Then kittens and Christmas can distract me all they like, because lets face it – they are great things to be distracted by.

As a nod to the new fur baby, I’ve gathered together a collection of green babies from the garden, as the garden is still very much in it’s infancy and there is a lot of first time things going on.

Come again soon – I think I have a new year’s resolution from 11 months ago to honour, I’m going to need to start making some plans.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

PS – if this seems a little jumbled, parties in the city and energetic kittens can take a bit of a toll only my poor old MSsy body.  I think I prefer that excuse than I’m getting too old to party, because that isn’t the case at all – why it seems like just yesterday I could party with the best of them!  : o)


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  1. I love visiting your garden. Fennel is such a cute animal. She sure is lucky to have y’all as her guardians.

  2. Oh, Sarah, I am in love with your sweet little Fennel. What a sweet face. I remember those kitten years. Best of luck getting through it. Your garden “nursery” is looking promising, too. I hope you had fun in the big city.

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