It was a dark and stormy night

I have to say I’m really struggling with this summer.  Just when the busy is behind me and normal life stretches before me in a gentle ebb and flow of routine and I begin to enjoy the garden again – we get a storm!  Really?! Some high areas even got snow! This is not the summer I was looking for.  I feel so cheated.  We haven’t had that perfect summer for years.  We’re owed it.   And this frustration seems to bring out the worst in me because all I seem to do is moan about the weather.  I’m not normally a moaner.  I’m a happy go lucky, carefree garden lover.  I love growing food in my garden but this period of seasonal adversity is driving me nuts.

Wind damaged cornflowers
My cornflowers were the hardest hit and the worst of the damage. I should snip off the broken stems and plonk them in a vase. Nothing wasted.

While the storm for many was quite devastating and many gardens were torn to shreds overnight and months of work, just days from fruition were destroyed, I have been blessed.  There was very little damage.   My own mother was out there in her garden at 3 o’clock in the morning trying to rescue her tomatoes.   The bamboo poles supporting them had given way under the combination of very strong winds and very heavy, almost ripe tomatoes.  My tomatoes are still standing and are looking well.  I put this down to the steel bars I have been using this year.  Even the gherkins have remained steadfast, in spite of their self-imposed sagging.  The continual tweaking and improving the way I garden has ,in this instance, stood up to the test.

Wind tossed sunflowers
My poor sunflowers are all in disarray. But to be honest they were starting to be past their best and most of the petals had already shriveled and dropped off.

The weather now has a weak sun trying to push through and shine on a day that is overcast with clouds being whisked by at a great rate of knots as the storm reluctantly calms down.  The boffins are suggesting things will return to a proper summer by the end of the week.

I put the fact the sweetcorn is still standing down to my elaborate network of bamboo poles and string that I put in when I sowed the seed. The wind may have pushed the corn but it was held up by the string so could not fall far at all.

But in the meantime, the best I can do is wrap up warm – although not sock and beanie warm, and head out to the garden and set things right and then come inside and watch the video I made last week and feel the summer radiate out of the screen and hope the lovely days return very soon.  Check out my latest video where I show you how I hang my onions:

Come again soon – the sun will shine again and I promise to stop complaining about the weather for the rest of summer, even if it is horrible again.  (Well, I’ll  do my best)

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

9 thoughts on “It was a dark and stormy night

  1. I’m sorry your weather has been bad. Last summer here was bad too, not storms but a very severe drought. We watered a lot but it just isn’t the same. Congratulations on saving your crop! I’m about to plant onion seeds for the spring!

    1. I guess the blessing has to be we haven’t had to worry about water, and while everything is a lot slower – it will come eventually. I hope you have a bumper onion crop this season. : o)

  2. Oh Gosh poor Cornflower plants. I must grow some as had forgotten about them. My Sunflowers are still standing, a couple of Corn plants went wayward and a big Fennel plant has had a second go at trying to lie flat in the garden.

    1. Hi Carol. This has been a miserable summer. I’m hoping it will pick up again soon. It can be so frustrating trying to keep it all lovely when the wind is going behind your back and knocking things over. : o)

    1. Hi Alys, as predicted now the kids are back at school the weather has improved and we’ve actually had a few days in a row that were sunny! There is talk about the possibility of actually officially shifting the summer holidays by a month as it doesn’t seem to ever be nice over the festive season. That should be interesting to see how it pans out. : o)

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