Inauthentic Kimchi

February has mostly been kind so far, the days that have been hot and sunny have not disappointed and have been proper summer hot and sunny.  We just won’t talk about the other days…   But things in the garden are ripening up at a great rate of knots and it is fabulous to do my meal planning right there in the garden.

My beautiful Savoy Cabbage
My beautiful Savoy Cabbage

And with that, I was so proud to see my savoy cabbages were ready.  Two of them!  At the same time.  We’d never eat that much cabbage in one go so I had to think about ways to use up cabbage – a lot of cabbage.  The idea popped into my head,  “I know, I’ll make Kimchi.”  This was rather a strange thought as not only had I never made it before, but I’d never eaten it before.  It was going to be an interesting journey.

Hubby the Un-Gardener and the sheep
While waiting for the Kimchi, Hubby the Un-Gardener and I decide it was a good time to move the sheep. This actually went surprisingly well as there was potential for it to go horribly wrong… We’re not really farmers.

After a lot of research on the great big internet, I had a vague idea of how it should be done and headed off to our nearest Asian supermarket.  It had such a vast array of cool stuff that I didn’t know what it all was, but would love to have tried.  They didn’t have any Kimchi Powder – a key ingredient in Kimchi, but I didn’t leave empty handed.  I bought a grass jelly drink…  ummm yeah… interesting.  Do everything once and the fun things twice.  I think I’ll stick to once on this one.

Wow – I made Kimchi… of sorts. The aroma is amazing. I can’t wait to try it.

So I decided to create my own inauthentic Kimchi powder, which rested well enough with me as after my research I had discovered I have the wrong kind of cabbage.  I had a savoy and proper Kimchi is made with Napa cabbage. I’ve decided to grow one this winter in the off chance I actually like Kimchi.  The other key ingredient I didn’t have was a Daikon Radish, but I was committed to the project now and there was no stopping me so I substituted it for a Kolhrabi.  She’ll be right.

Now you can watch the bringing together of all these wonderful ingredients on my latest video.  You may want to grab some popcorn as it is a tad longer than my normal videos, but it will entertain you as I make my Inauthentic Kimchi.

Come again soon – I have my garden plan and I’m gathering seeds.  It’ll be sow time very soon.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)


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