Mid Winter Swing

By the time you read this I’ll be long gone and far, far away.  This is the perfect time to take a well earned break.  The garden is mostly dormant.  I say mostly as, although there are still things going on, it is a far cry from the heady days of summer.

Garden – I hope you behave yourself…

After a frantic period of sorting out the garden to a point it can be left without any attendance – although it will probably miss me terribly and I’ll certainly miss it; sorting out the animals so they are respectable and easy to care for and finally – the much less exciting cleaning of the house so the house sitters have a pleasant stay,  it is amazing how much clutter you don’t realise you have when your mind is focused elsewhere – like… say… in a garden…  we left for a much anticipated tropical break.

Swing seat
Oh I will have some swinging to do in my new swing seat when I get back.

And all going well we would have arrived at our destination in the sun, with winter far behind us and I should have in my hand a glass with a straw and possibly an umbrella in it as the warm clear waves lap against my ankles.  I imagine I will still be pondering the garden as I soak up the sunny rays like a solar panel storing enough energy to get me though the rest of winter. 

Fennel the Cat
I’ll definitely miss snuggles with this cute little face.

So I wouldn’t forget what my garden looked like I not only ran around the garden taking last minute photos in the fading light, but I made a video of it too.  This is more a record for me so I can really appreciate how much it will change while I’m away, but you can enjoy it too.

When I return, I’ll tell you all about the places I’ve been and the plants that I’ve seen. And I will be relaxed refreshed and ready to prepare for the new growing season – It’ll be here in a flash.

Come again soon – There’ll be hot and cold things to talk about!

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

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