Almost there

I think this is as close as I will get to a Did…Dah…  moment.  There are still a few empty beds, but I’m working on it.  The grass is cut, most of the plants are in, it hasn’t rained in ages and the boffins were wrong about the rain this Saturday – it completely bypassed us.  Just as well I chose to ignore them.  However I am a fair weather friend and when they suggest there will be no rain for the next 8 days I will embrace it as fact!

Hanging baskets
It is so lovely to have warm balmy late afternoons pottering about in the garden – I even made some hanging baskets for around the house.

If this is so, then I will need to get the full irrigation system up and running, as the soil is looking a little on the dry side.  This is great indicator that summer days are just around the corner.  With the watering taken care of, I will be able to fall into the gentle ebb and flow of weeding and waiting, as the real harvest is still a little way off.  I am looking forward to this time, as I feel I have worked really hard to get to where we are today.

Fennel the Cat
Fennel the Cat, my garden buddy loves hanging out with me in the garden, and I love having her join me.

As my garden is a little on the large side the best way to see it is to come on a tour.  So join me as a do a grand review and show you everything that is going on in my garden.  I think it will be a fab season in the garden this year.

Come again soon – there are still a few plants needing bigger pots and I need take care of the moisture I apply to the beds.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)



6 thoughts on “Almost there

  1. As I’ve noted before, I am quite jealous of the amount of space you have. Impressive raised beds. Thanks for posting,

    1. Thanks Michael – at this moment I am very proud of what I have achieved. Having said that a brief period of inattention can undo all the good work. I always worry about the festive season in the middle of my growing season! : o)

  2. You’re moving plants out of the greenhouse and I’m moving them in ….. and giving them a nice warm fleece cover in the process 😀

    Happy gardening Sarah, looks good xxx

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