Everything is changing, but for now it stays the same.  It is a really weird time where we know what we want but have absolutely no control over it.  All it takes is one person to buy the house.  We’ve had a bit of interest, but in the meantime all that can be done is to carry on.  And the garden is doing just that.  It feels like the rainbow beet has quadrupled in size in a week!

Rainbow Beet
This Rainbow Beet is so luscious – I’m sure it was just a tiny seedling a blink of an eye ago.

So taking a lead from the garden I am still out there every day giving the garden all the love I possibly could and it is flourishing.  I’ve harvested my Hunter River White Onions.  It wasn’t my best harvest, but as they don’t keep as well as the Pukekohe Longkeepers, that still have a while to go yet, I’m not to worried about it.

Onion patch
And this is where the onions were. The Pukekohe Longkeepers still have a while to go but seem to be bulbing up nicely.

I also took a trip down to the orchard to harvest some elderberries to make some elderberry cordial.  I followed the vague recipe from my blog post back in 2015, and it still works and it rather entertaining so there isn’t really a lot of point repeating myself when I can point you to that one: >HERE<

Elderflower cordial
This elderflower cordial will make Christmas magic.

I’ve also repotted my peppers into bigger pots to take with me when we move, because these really don’t get going until well into January and we use a lot of these in our winter cooking so I they’re coming with us.

Peppers in pots
So far this is the only change being made. I’m trying hard not to get emotionally attached to the new until we know it is a done deal!

You can see all of this in live video action – well not actually live, because it was yesterday, but I filmed it all as I needed to explain to our friends in the You Tube community what was happening.  Especially as you lovely people have known for ages!  So feel free to watch some gardening action, check out the orchard and just hang out with me in the garden for a bit.  There is even talk of pickled asparagus.

Come again soon – there is still plenty of ordinary in the midst of change.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)


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    1. All the best on your new garden ventures 2018. I have a heavily fruiting lime bush here in Dunedin,hoping the fruit grows & keeps intact. Have a great New Year.

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