Temporarily Temporary

The garden is on the move again!  Now the house is kind of under control and in the hands of a good builder, the time is right to focus on other things and in particular the garden.  For the last 117 days I have bemoaning the fact the caravan and the container with all our worldly possessions contained within are smack bang square in the middle of where I want to put my garden.  Well not for much longer!

New Temporary garden
The satisfied smile of a successful garden move.

Last week I made a bold call and phoned the shipping container company and asked them to take it away today.  Then I told Hubby the Un-Gardener we needed to empty it and had a week to do it.  It was a complete mission and we have had to sacrifice a room in the house, but we got there.  I think a new shed is now high on Hubby the Un-Gardeners list of priorities!   The caravan was also moved off my soon to be garden and is now tucked in beside the house, well out of the way.

Empty container
Gosh – I never thought we’d see the back of this! But it has been good to us.

The container was useful – not only in keeping all our stuff safe, but it was a great windbreak for my temporary garden.  It has been so lovely to have a wee garden to tend to over the last few months, caring for plants, some of which were started well before this idea of moving had even occurred to us!  Some crops have come and gone, like my peppers and others are hanging in there waiting to take their place in the new garden.  There are also new crops, recently sown that may start their lives contained, but I fully intend to release them into the open soil of the new garden very soon.

Temporary garden
I wonder how many more times these plants will move before they can finally stretch their roots.

There are also crops that enjoyed the wait with me, however they were not destined to be a part of the next stage and I dug them up before moving all of the other plants.  The expectations for my kumara and yams was high, however the results were mixed.   But heavy pots now lay empty and the latest move is made all the easier.   One by one I gathered up all my plants and tucked them in to a safe little spot beside the house, where they will be out of the way for the next stage of the project.  Although they can’t stay there.  They are in the way of building repairs and renovations.  I just hope the next move will be into the garden….  But I expect to move them at least once more before then.

You can check out the latest move here and join in the celebrations and commiserations over my most recent harvests.  You can’t win them all, but there is always next year!

Come again soon – I expect things will happen quickly from now on – well parts of it anyway.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

13 thoughts on “Temporarily Temporary

      1. Sarah, your garden is amazing! I have an organic garden here in Oregon, but the slugs are eating my plants so bad! How you get rid of slugs in your garden? Thank you for sharing your beautiful video!

        1. How to deal with slugs can be a bit of a hot potato topic. There are a lot of suggestions out there but they don’t actually work or can do more harm than good. Beer traps do work well but boy to they stink! You need to be brave to use those. There seems to be some potential in wool mulch as well. Copper tape works well provided it is wide enough and stays shiny. If you want to avoid the chemical route then you can also try to reduce their habit in your garden by clearing away nooks and crannies and do nightly collections – which is also disgusting! I hope this helps. Cheers Sarah : o)

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