Building beds

Sometimes life sweeps you away with what you are doing and you barely notice the passing of time.  That was how this June has been so far.  A hive of activity with the days disappearing into a blur.  I am not entirely sure how we have found ourselves one third of the way through this month.   The weather was magnificent and the garden called to me.  The work, while involved heavy lifting, was fun and easy.

Completed raised beds
I’m really pleased with what I have done so far. (The short planks are just to make sure the pathways and beds are the right width.)

Half of the garden has been put together and I’m happy with that.  I have arranged my crop rotation and planting plan so the winter crops are on this side of the garden.  Which means I can get on with filling the garden with earth and planting out my onion and garlic, all going well, on the shortest day.

Incomplete beds
The other side of the garden still needs a little ground work.

The other half of the garden is still not level and the bulldozer needs to do more work.  The problem is the large pile of earth is in the wrong place, but how was I to know that all those weeks ago when the garden was just a dream?!  So I need to burst a foo foo valve moving as much as I can, into the new beds.   Then the bulldozer can come back and level out the rest of the garden and bed building can recommence.

Early garlic
The early garlic looks like it is desperate to be planted out… I really need to move some earth.

In the meantime I will most likely be out there – rain or shine, moving a mountain.

Come again soon – progress is being made.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

Oh and…  this week I am starting a new thing I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now, but have only just got around to.  I’m voice recording my blog so you can listen along instead of reading it.  You can check this out here:



15 thoughts on “Building beds

  1. That is one impressive collection of garden beds, Sarah. It’s also a lot of work. Congratulations for getting this far. This will all be lush and green and magazine-worthy come spring. It’s all so exciting!

  2. Quick question, do you intend to have grass around your vege boxes or something else? (Bark, gravel, pebbles?)

    1. That is a great question. I still haven’t decided. I’m leaning towards bark for now, but may ask what everyone does and how they find it it in a future post. : o)

  3. Loved listening to your podcast. Great progress, your garden is certainly coming along. Looking forward to the nest post.

  4. Just curious – what sort and size of wood are you using please, so what is the size of your beds? In your second last photo you have wood placed flat – are these put under your upright rectangles perhaps to keep everything flat? Thanks. Keep up the great work.

    1. Hi Trudi. the beds are 30 cm high (with two 15 cm planks) and are 5cm wide. The beds are varying lengths from 1m to 6m depending on what they will be used for. The flat planks are just to mark the space so I could see where it will all go and if it will fit in the space. It is hard work but I’ll get there in the end… I just keep thinking about the tomatoes in the summer! : o)

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