Glazed Above

My greenhouse journey has been long and arduous, fraught with horrifying drama – mostly occurring as a shock to the bank balance!  To be honest I’m not sure how much it cost and really don’t want to know.  So after what seems like forever, the dome is done and I’m back in greenhouse business!  Having somewhere safe to grow my seedlings and over winter tender plants is even more appreciated after having gone a such a long time without a sanctuary for my green buddies.

Glazed Geodesic Biodome
The dome is an amazing centrepiece in the centre of my garden, I’m so glad I naively embarked on this journey, in spite of the cost!

This last stage was held up by two things, finding glass at a good price and then waiting for it to arrive on a slow boat from half a world away, but some things are worth waiting for.  And the other thing was the search for some brave glaziers who were willing to take up the challenge and do something a little bit out of the ordinary.  I am extremely grateful for the team at 15 Star Glass and Glazing Services.  They were so lovely and did and amazing job.

Geodesic Biodome being glazed
It wasn’t an easy job to glaze the dome, but the team were wonderful.

You can check out a time lapse video of the glass being added to the dome.  Stay watching until the end for a tiny bit of cuteness from Jasper the Dog and Fennel the Cat.  Also in the description below the video is a link to the dome being built,  if you are interested.


Come again soon – as we creep closer to winter the garden tasks are calling more urgently.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

NB this isn’t a paid sponsored post for 15 Star Glass, I am just extremely grateful for the work they have done for me.  : o)

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    1. Thanks. I showed my builder a image I saw in the internet and asked if he could build me one. After a bit of hesitation he got together with a joiner friend and this is what they came up with – I think they may have bought plans off the internet somewhere. : o)

  1. Looks amazing Sarah. I am so full of admiration for how far you have come in such a small period of time and envy at how beautiful your raised beds look 😀 x

  2. That is impressive! I remember when these domes were trendy in the 1970s; and I also remember when greenhouses were actually ‘glazed’ with glass. This is a combination of the best, as well as new technology! (I sort of get it that modern glazing is better than glass, but don’t like to admit it.)

    1. I have tried the poly carbonate greenhouses before but they just perished in our harsh sun. This glass is better than ordinary glass as it is safety glass, which makes me feel a lot safer working in it! : o)

  3. Hi Sarah, i heard you on RNZ and jumped for joy when i heard you mention you bet the wind with the geodesic dome. South Taranaki is now where i am about to move to (not right on top of the ocean however – a few blocks back) and wondered if you could give me the builders contact as i would like to enquire about a biodome – it might be they are close to where i will be. Thank you so much for your inspiration.

    1. Hi Tania. Just a heads up – the dome cost an extraordinary amount of money. (Much more than I intended to spend but after a certain point I was committed) I gave my builder a picture I found on the internet and asked if he could build it for me. He was rather reluctant, but I managed to convince him to give it a go. I can ask if he is interested in building another one, but at the time when it was all finished, he did say ‘never again’ as it was quite the challenge. Having said that it has been a while so he may have forgotten that… : o)

      1. Thanks Sarah,

        While doing some research I have also found someone else who has sent me some technical advise links etc.

        I will be in Manaia – lets only bother the builder if close to this area.

        Kind regards Tanai.

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