Making May Count in Pictures

Today is a good day.  The sun is shining brightly, but more importantly the wind has gone.  It was really hard to Make May Count in such non-conducive conditions.  However, I did get out there and battle the elements, well the least harsh ones and got some stuff done.  But this is just a quick pictorial update to let you know what I’ve been up to…

recovering peas
I’m so pleased I didn’t rip out my peas in a fit of despair after the wind wrecked them. They seem to be bouncing back, but just aren’t as pretty as they were before.
Bulb holes
A bulb planter makes short work of digging holes for bulbs. I thought I needed 100 bulbs but once I started digging holes I decided it was better to give them a bit more space so I only planted 50. And am now left with another 50 to find a spot to pop them in…. 50 isn’t that many… in the grand scheme of things….
Bulb in hole
One of many bulbs all snug in its hole.
Sweet peas
The sweet peas are up! I do love the smell of a fragrant sweet pea.
Mustard cover crop
All of the cover crops have now been sown so any empty beds need enriching with manure and compost so they can be ready for the next crops which will be in less time than it takes for a cover crop to grow and then breakdown once chopped down.
One chore I didn’t get to was to take down the tomato frame. There is one plant lingering there, but I thought it was a slow growing late starting Zapotec tomato that I have started twice and never tried. But it fruited recently and turned out to be a boring old roma so I have no hesitation in ripping it out to clear the bed.

It is just a short post today because the sun is shining, after the last ten days I now appreciate it all the more and certainly won’t take days like today for granted.  So I’m off out into the garden to make things happen.

Garden View
The view from the hill behind the garden is pretty cool. This is where I want to put my orchard.

Come again soon – there isn’t much left of May.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

5 thoughts on “Making May Count in Pictures

    1. Yup! I’m glad to hear it is a good one, I’ll go for attempt 3 in the spring! I picked it because another favourite is a cute little plum cherry called Artisan Blush and it has pretty yellow and red marbling and tastes great. So I can say I grow tomatoes from A to Z! (It’s a bit cheesy but cool at the same time.) : o)

  1. Hi Sarah I have been making May count too filling my vege beds with new soil I found when we cut down a shelter belt last year. I had been throwing garden waste in this area for years and it had quietly been making me beautiful compost 😁

    1. That’s great to hear. Late autumn is a funny month, to be active in the garden you actually have to make things happen. It is a great time for long intended projects. That was a good score with your accidental compost, how fabulous! : o)

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