A Very Quick Update

So much has happened in such a short space of time.  Firstly, it is now winter.   It is cold.  I’m allowed to say that now.  In autumn I was putting on a brave face, so while it was getting colder and colder, it wasn’t winter yet so I kind of pretended to myself it wasn’t that cold.  If you can’t cope with the cold of autumn, then winter will be a dreadful season.  But now we have embraced the chill and embraced thick socks, warm jumpers, beanies, and a cosy electric blanket to fall into an exhausted slumber after a day of hard slog in the garden.  And it will only get colder.   Although last year we didn’t get a frost so I’m looking forward to finding out if that was a one off or is it a thing here.

deconstructed shed
At the beginning of the day just as the sun peaked over the hill the shed was spread out over the back lawn in pieces.

The most exciting thing that happened since the start of winter was something that caused me to fall exhausted into my cosy warm bed was my office shed was constructed.  Yesterday (Monday) the Queen graciously allowed us to have a day off to celebrate her birthday and the weather was majestic.  It couldn’t have been better and so our lovely builder, who knew I’d been longing for my shed for so long, decided to give up his day off to build my shed.  Looking at the weather and the opportunity, there wouldn’t have been a chance to do it for ages if it wasn’t done then.  And I am so grateful!

Building the shed
The walls went up quickly and it lovely to see the soon to be view from the door.

It was a fun day being a builder’s helper.  We started with the floor and then the sides seem to go up like magic and by lunchtime I thought it would be all done by afternoon tea, but the roof required more effort and rightly so, it is probably the most important part to get right – especially here out on the windy west coast.  I’d hate for it to blow away.

Building the shed
It is a great little shed and the doors and windows come ready to go!

So, all that is left is to paint the outside to protect it from the elements and paint the inside to make it mine.  Then I can move in and go to work in the garden in more ways than one.  Hubby the Un-Gardener asked if I wanted to move some stuff in straight away (I think he is keen to finally stop having my stuff clutter up the house) but I told him not until after the painting and decorating, because I know me and if I move anything in before its done, it will never be done!

The new shed
I think it will take a bit of getting used to, seeing such a large structure in the landscape, but as a home away from home during working hours, I know I’m going to love it so much. I already do.

But one of the things I did while building the shed was to make a time lapse video of it and while I was there I did a quick tour of the garden to show the state it is in on the first days of winter, so wrap up warm and grab some popcorn and check out my latest video:

Come again soon – winter is off to a great start.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)


7 thoughts on “A Very Quick Update

  1. Congrats on the shed, the article and all that you’ve done to make your new garden so special. I can’t way to see the interior shots of the shed. I hope I haven’t missed a post.

    1. Thanks. I haven’t moved in yet, I’m still trying to paint it. Because it isn’t a flat surface it is taking much longer than I realised it would. But that’s ok. I’ll get there in the end. It will be fabulous! : o)

      1. Painting new wood is a lot of work. If anyone can do it though, you can. Perhaps as the weather warms up you’ll be more inspired. I know spring fever gets me motivated every year.

        1. It also seems to take a lot of paint! I’m almost done, and now I’m feeling better I am looking forward to just getting the job finished so I can move in to my new garden office. : o)

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