Let’s get this season started

I no longer feel panicked and the season can finally start.  I know I said it wasn’t a race and I had ages, but that seed sowing window was wide open and was calling me to climb through it.  So I found a window of time, grabbed my seed packets and set about sowing seeds.  I didn’t get them all done – just the vegies.  I will need to go back and sow the flower seeds in the next couple of days.  But the crops are done and I can relax a little.

sown seeds
And now the seeds are sown I shall commence my trice daily checks for signs of life!

And I decided to show you how I did it, so sit back and watch my short little video with actual footage of me getting this season started!   (oh and there is a quick tour of my new garden office at the end.)

Now the seeds are in I can look about the garden and decide which of the many tasks I should do next…  Fun times ahead.

Come again soon – this will be a good season, it just has to be.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

6 thoughts on “Let’s get this season started

  1. I envy you in that your growing season is starting while mine winds down. Hey huge sunflower crop is just finishing its peak and is all down hill from here. The Dahlias will continue until frost, but I still know Winter is coming. I will vicariously revel in your adventures.

      1. I completely understand, Sarah. I planted a 400 foot by 5 foot wide row of sunflowers and zinnias and I have really got so much enjoyment out of it. Also we initiated a new Dahlia patch with some bargain Dahlia is in a package that I found at our local Big Box store. They are astounding and their beauty. If you ever look at CiCi’s flower of the Day post I link to that and I’m getting ready to showcase the new patch and the values from it with their names over the next week or so

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