Today in pictures

Today is Friday and the end of the week.   The work in the garden has cranked up a notch and now instead of just potting about fiddling with this and tinkering with that, it has become heaving lifting, ardous weeding and a significant amount of digging and forking over the soil.  This has me arriving at the end of the week completely exhausted.  So instead of telling you all about it, let me show you in pictures.

And a busy day at the end of a busy week draws to a close in the most spectacular way.

Come again soon – next week is another week of gardening fun.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

NB: if you click on the images you can find out more about them.


6 thoughts on “Today in pictures

  1. Handy to have the captions – I was mistaking your garlic for leeks and your nectarine blossom for apple blossom. And your sunset is so golden I thought you had a ginger cat in that last photo 🙂
    Gorgeous views, and what a sweet puppy!

    1. It is always great to have garlic mistaken for leek, it means they must be growing well underground. I’m hoping for some big fat bulbs, in spite of the rust. Sunsets here are truly amazing – even on yucky days. : o)

  2. Wonderful photos .. love that kitty and what a super name! You sure have snipped that garlic .. I gave mine a haircut too last weekend. Your posts always inspire me to get out in my garden 😄

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