Slowly but steadily the week marched by.

It has been a long week with a lot going on.  When we relocated our house back in April 2018 we made a few unconventional decisions.  We decided if a bathroom or a kitchen needed renovating you would find the money to do it eventually, but the outside of the house is the bit that normally gets what money is left at the end of the renovation.  So, we ended up throwing most of our budget on things outside – for me it was the vegetable garden and the budget blowing geodesic biodome and for Hubby the Un-Gardener it was his dream entertaining area.   We have loved every moment of what we have created.

lettuce seedlings
I’ve begun hardening off the lettuce seedlings – they look so good, but I should really sow some more seeds so I have a continuous supply throughout the summer.

However, in the house it really does still look like a home in desperate need of a reno.  Finally, we managed to get together enough money to make a start on the inside and the bathroom was the first room to be done and it was an easy choice.  When the house was being put back together our fabulous builder and our plumber both said they were uncomfortable putting the old shower back in as it could leak and were encouraging us to put in a cheap temporary one.  But I know us and if we put in a cheap temporary shower I would still be using a cheap temporary shower in 20 years’ time!   So, I have spent the last 2 years worried about the bathroom floor rotting through.

Bathroom renovation
Exciting times ahead – the first indoor renovation is taking place!

The bathroom reno started this week and I needn’t have worried because the floor was fine, thanks to thick layers of silicon holding the shower in place.  Although I’m not sure it would have stayed that way forever.  It isn’t finished yet and I’ll show you when its done, but with all the decisions that needed making and the exciting distraction of it all, I didn’t get as much gardening done as I would have liked.

Liquid feeding the gooseberries
After the winter in the dome, the gooseberry seems to have recovered and has leaves popping through. I’ve given it a liquid feed with a dash of seaweed tonic to give it a boost.

But I did get some things done.   This week was the second of the fortnightly feeding of the garden with a liquid feed and I could tell the plants had responded well to the previous one so that was encouraging.  For some of the more vulnerable, weak, or newly relocated plants I added some liquid seaweed tonic to the mix to help them get over the stress of whatever they have going on and encourage strong root growth.

The raspberries I relocated from a less than desirable spot are coming along nicely. I’m not expecting any from the summer ones as they need a season to establish the canes that will bear fruit next season, but there is a chance the autumn ones will come through with the goods!

The sector system is such a dream, I am so pleased I found an easy way to manage such a large garden because it doesn’t take long to whip through it, weeding, feeding, and tending.  And it is very forgiving if you miss a day.

Jasper the Dog
Jasper the Dog loves hanging out with me in the garden, but I think sometimes he thinks I may be there for a little too long…

There is still a lot to be done.  The tomatoes are now at the stage where they need to be transplanted and so do a load of other things.  I sowed my seeds this year with a heavy hand as my seeds are getting a little old.  I think next season I may need to replace most of them, but I should probably pick up some broccoli seeds as they haven’t shown their face after several sowings.

Tree lupin flower
This is a great mid season spring thing – the tree lupin flowers. This is one of the the first flowers but in a few weeks the whole side of the hill behind my garden will be full of flowers with a bright yellowness and an incredible aroma will fill the valley.

I also need to plan and sow my flower seeds – this is urgent.  I’ll update you on this before the end of next week.  And I need to continue preparing the beds for their new occupants, we’re mostly there – Hubby the Un-Gardener and the Teen Lads have been doing the digging.  I should have more free time in the weeks to come because tonight is the start of daylight savings.  I would normally suggest ‘don’t forget to change your clocks’ but they all seem to do it automatically these days – except the one in the car – but it will be right again in the autumn and it is easily enough to remember it is an hour out!

Come again soon – hopefully more progress will be made next week.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

6 thoughts on “Slowly but steadily the week marched by.

  1. This wind is something else, eh? I’m sure it never used to be this windy at this time of year. On the other hand, a look back at my garden diary from this time last year shows that my lavender was a few inches deep in water, so I guess at least it’s not that this year!

    1. It is hard for me to know if the wind is new or not as every spring we have been here so far has been windy. This is the 3rd spring. But I certainly remember wet ones at the old place because every time it rained it would take a whole week to dry out enough to work and would set me back. I have so many wind break strategies going on here now that I think I can almost say the wind problem has been reduced!

    1. I am so looking forward to having a nice bathroom. It is good to finally start the renovations inside the house.
      I always get a bit impatient with my seeds at this time of year and end up sowing extra … just in case, but if I had only waited a couple more days! : o)

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