This post is bought to you by the colour green…

… with a few pops of colour thrown in for good measure.  

It hasn’t been the easiest season so far, however if I stop focusing on what is making it a struggle and look at the big picture. Or take a closer look at the things that aren’t considered superstars of the summer garden, yet are there every year and faultlessly do their thing.   On reflection, I think, just maybe this might not be such a disastrous season as I was thinking it might be.  It just got off to a rough start and there is every hope for a successful end.   I think I just need to treat the temperamental superstars like the primadonnas they are and not let them overshadow hard working plants who keep their heads down and do their stuff.

So with the impending start of a whole new year, I’m going to say no to the gloom and doom and look forward to better days.  Someone just needs to tell the weather – it is hot, but cloudy and muggy, not exactly ideal summer stuff… but it is what it is and I’m not cold wet or miserable!

The rescued basil is doing really well. I think I may need do whip up some pesto very soon. Yummo!

Come again soon – I think it may be time for a video tour.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)


9 thoughts on “This post is bought to you by the colour green…

  1. Winter, although very mild here, seems to drag on so slowly that I forget how far along the season is. It is amusing that the progress of summer there reminds me what time of year it is here!

    1. The bit I find the hardest is when you northern hemisphere gardeners start counting down tp spring and sowing seeds – I feel like shouting ‘hey – stop it, you are wishing away what is left of my summer!” : o)

      1. Ha! So it is not just at this end then! It does not really bother me, but only reminds me of how delayed our autumn is. It is sort of like reading about autumn in Canada long before it gets here.

  2. I was tempted to write off my garden, with so little actually thriving, but then I looked again, and behold! there were pods on the peas! So now I’m feeling a bit more enthusiastic, and researching more vigorous varieties (of things other than peas) for next year.

    1. I am starting to feel a lot better about the garden, at one point I just wanted to throw my hands in the air in despair. I’m hoping to get a vid up before Christmas, fingers crossed all goes well with my schedule. : o)

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