Capturing Summer

We are still in summer, repeat after me ‘we are still in summer’.   It is becoming a little bit hard to believe right now.  After the rain eventually came there has been a perceivable shift in the way things feel.  That dry crispness that you feel underfoot when you walk across the lawn is gone.  Most mornings there is now a bit of a dew which is helping to soften the lawn and slowly bring back the green colour.

Available vegetables
With everyone doing the cooking these days I need them to know what is available to be used in our meals. So I came up with this board with a list of all the vegetables they could use and where to find them to help prevent waste and remind everyone to include as many veggies as they can. If you’re in NZ you can read more about this in the February 21 edition of the Kiwi Gardener Magazine.

The temperatures have dipped.  The air is still alive with the sound of cicadas creating the perception of summer heat, but it is a different heat from the boiling hot of a few weeks ago.  There is a chance the conditions may return to those heady days, but we are definitely slipping into more comfortable balmy conditions.  

The garden is also telling me things are changing and if you dilly dally you may miss the peak moments of harvest.  I have been going through the motions with the garden, with the weeding, watering, and harvesting what I need when I need it.  But there haven’t been that many opportunities for slaving over the hot stove preserving the harvest.  This is mainly because psyllid have all but ruined my tomato harvest.  

Looking around the garden now, there are things that have been on a slow boil and am only just coming ripe, others I have been taking a bit here and a bit there, but before long the plants will bolt and there won’t be anything left.  Making the harvest last throughout the winter until it is ready to harvest again is why my garden is so big.

The garden is in an orderly control so these days instead of having dirt under my nails from toiling in the soil, the tips of my fingers are soggy from the constant plunging in water that comes from preserving the harvest.    Some things are just vac packed and popped in the freezer, others have been dehydrated, some just need storing in the shed as is, and others get pickled.  I’ve even done a spot of baking. 

Daily harvest
Every day there is a harvest, but each day it is a little different.

Kitchen gardening is just as rewarding and garden gardening and as the season inevitably begins to transform into something else there will be many more opportunities to spend time indoors, capturing summer in jars and freezing it to shine on cold grey days.

Come again soon – Seeds need to be sown again.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)


NB:  Click on each image for a detailed descriptions of what has been going on in the garden and in the kitchen.

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  1. We are still in winter. You are still in summer. I do need to get ready for summer though. Sadly, there will not be much in the garden for this year, . . . again.

  2. Here in Napier we have rain forecast regularly but it passes us by. I am so looking forward to a deluge. My rain dances are not working.☹️😂

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