March and A Week Garden Tour

This is a strange time of year.  Daylight savings has ended but it is still warm-ish and we are wandering about our days feeling it should be later than it is, which strangely gives us more time in our days.  It won’t last and soon enough we will get used to the new ebb and flow of time and know exactly where we are and we will find ourselves being normal, which for us is often running late.  I have to say it is refreshing being early and on time for now.  

Mustard Cover crop
At this time of year the mustard cover crops start flowering quite quickly so I’ll need to chop them down before they set seed. I’ll just chop and drop and cover them with compost and let the worms do the work. I won’t need this bed until the spring.

But speaking of running late, my March video tour of the garden is a week late.  But to be honest it isn’t really my fault.  Easter was too close to the end of the month, causing a short week and a bottle neck of chores and responsibilities.  But on the other side of Easter, this short week seems to be a little more sedate, and I finally feel back in control again.   

Habanero peppers
I’m a sucker for punishment. Just because I had the seed packet, I grew these habanero peppers. I have decided I don’t like really hot food so I have no idea why I thought I should grow them. Remind me not to grow them next year!

Technically not a lot has changed in the garden when comparing this week to last week so in the grand scheme of things this audio visual tardiness shouldn’t even matter much as it is all quite same samey.   It isn’t too long, probably grab a cuppa, rather than go to the effort of popping popcorn so sit back and enjoy the state of my garden right now.   

As the season slows the garden down, I feel a little more control in what I have to do, like plant garlic and cool season seedlings.  But also feel liberated to tackle projects I’ve been longing to get my teeth into, but always seemed to run out of time.  I’m looking forward to a season of something different.

Come again soon – there is always something to be done in my garden and maybe a bit beyond. 

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

7 thoughts on “March and A Week Garden Tour

  1. Ha! “Autumn April”, to distinguish from “Spring April”. Daffodils would be right on time in some Northern climates. That kohlrabi is weird. Will the lower part be too tough to eat now that it is branching above?

    1. A bed of asparagus must be nice. I do not grow it because timing is so important, and because of the space involved. I would like to grow a Yucca glauca as a ‘fake asparagus’, but even that takes space, and is actually less productive. (They ‘asparagus’ are big, but there are only a few of them.)

    2. Maybe we will get early flowers. We did have a cold snap several weeks ago, but now it is really warm for the time of year so it may have tricked the flowers. I don’t think I’ll eat the lower part of the Kohlrabi. : o)

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