Wednesday didn’t Count.

I set off into the #MakeMayCount with a whiz and a bang with a superhero mentality of all things are possible.  In my head I can see each of the projects I want to achieve broken down into individual chores and it does all seem possible, and I get all excited. 

End of season Gaura
Every time I walked past this end of the cut flower bed I’d tell myself I’d get onto tidying them up soon.

And then I race off like a bull at a gate and throw myself into it all like I have boundless unlimited energy.  Only I don’t.  I was lulled into this false sense of my abilities due to the slackness of April.  I didn’t push myself at all so there was no opportunity to be reminded of my MSsy weakness and for a while there I felt normal which was actually really lovely despite the lack of productivity.  

End of season Gaura
It didn’t take long at all to trim up the Gaura and I discovered some aquilegia that now have the freedom to prepare themselves for spring blooms.

It isn’t like things weren’t done at all recently, which is probably part of the problem – I’ve pushed myself too hard.   I have been chugging away with my path hoeing and rock building routine.  Having clear paths is great as, like I mentioned, I can see ‘other creature’ footprints and it looks like the rats have been having a right old party so I think it may be time to move the rat trap to an area of more intensive activity.  I also only have 5 shots left in the rat trap, so I need to get a new gas canister.  This is a good sign as it shows I’m making a dent in the population.   It also means I get to visit the garden centre.  This is probably not a good idea as temptation has no limits there.

Good Nature rat trap
There is always something a little weird about getting a notification on my phone to say something had died. But it feels good to know it is humane and actually working… most of the time there are no dead bodies as they are dragged away by mourning families.

I also made good progress with the rock and have managed to encircle the frame and meet up with the other side.  So now all I need to do is go up.  I’m really impressed with how it is coming together.  I can’t say it is like the vision in my head yet, but in my extensive research – looking at large rocks up and down the country out of the car window, wishing I could just bring one home, they come in all shapes and sizes and shades of grey so anything random I come up with is going to be perfectly fine, so long as you don’t see the fabric beneath or any fingerprints. 

building a rock
The slow and steady progress building the rock is getting results and is strangely satisfying.

I also got a delivery of some spring bulbs I have been waiting a long time for.  I was starting to get anxious, especially for the tulips.  Because we don’t get frost here on the coast, I ordered them nice and early to put them in the fridge for 6 weeks to simulate the cold.  Given that the weather has continued to be quite mild apart from a blip a month or so ago, it is probably a good thing.  So, once they emerge from the fridge where I put them straight away, they will find themselves in consistently cold weather and not yo-yo from the chill of the fridge to warmish weather and then find themselves in the cold again, so it was probably for the best.

Spring bulbs
Finally my spring bulbs arrived and have now been bumped up the to do list as I give them the attention they need.

Also in the package were some ranunculus tubers that I want to soak and plant out sooner rather than later and finally some iris bulbs that are beginning to sprout so I need to do something with them in the immediate.  But I want to incorporate them into a wildlife pond makeover.  I hadn’t had this high the #MakeMayCount priority list, so I guess this list needs a rejig or I need some help or set it aside for now.  I could plant the sprouting bulbs into pots for now and plant them later.    I’m just one person with an enormous vision that is too big for my limited capabilities.  But how to you eat an elephant?  One spoonful at a time.  Not that I’m advocating eating elephants. 

City traffic
Often a simple task like ‘collecting some bricks’ is a lot larger than expected – not only with the collecting but also the getting there and back. That is the consequence of living out in the back of beyond. We travelled for at least 3 hours that day after being caught in rush hour traffic in the city.

Then I got a call from Hubby the Un-Gardener that he’d found some bricks I’d been looking for, so we dropped everything and raced out to collect them.  ‘Collect them’ doesn’t describe it.  I needed about 600 for my project and it was one of the last pieces in the gathering of supplies before I can throw myself into the creating of the new garden project.   This meant picking every single one from the neat pile they had been stacked in and moving them to our vehicle.    I have to say, several days later, they are still sitting in the vehicle as we muster the energy to repeat the process and put them in the garden.  And they will need to be moved at least once more to end up in their final spot.  Sometimes I can see why it is easy to shy away from big ideas. 

The offending bricks. Now I just have to muster the strength and enthusiasm to unload them. Hubby the Un-Gardener can’t keep using my car forever.

Since then, I have fed and watered my lime tree in a pot and my new port wine magnolia as their leaves were looking a little less green than they should be, watered the seedlings being nurtured in the dome and because I had a spare 15 minutes, I trimmed all the spent flower stalks off the Gaura.  This was a good example of what I intended with the #MakeMayCount thing.  Ordinarily a 15-minute window would be written off as not big enough to do anything worth making a difference so nothing would get done.  The Gaura has been on the list for a while and now it has been done without much fuss at all.

Fire pit area
Last year for Mother’s Day I got this lovely fire place that required somewhere to situate it, which ended up in a full blown project that ended up as an article in Kiwi Gardener magazine.

And then at the end of the day I did my weekly Q&A live chat session on the Facebook page.   I’ve been doing this, talking all things vegetable gardening since 2014 and enjoy chatting with other keen gardeners in the comments section.  Although this week we talked about how to spoil a gardening mum for Mother’s Day.  Speaking of which I sent my Mum’s gift off – I hope she likes it.  Hubby the Un-Gardener asked me what I would like.  Last year the gift turned into a project that ended up in a magazine, so I have to be careful what I ask for…

And now it is another magnificent blue sky day and the garden is calling to me…  I think it missed me.

Come again soon – I’m back on track.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

6 thoughts on “Wednesday didn’t Count.

  1. How nice to have a present lead to a magazine article. You are amazing, Sarah. I can remember loading and unload heavy stone from my Saturn many moons ago. Its work! Best of luck.

    1. The thought of having to move the bricks to their final spot is daunting but exciting at the same time. This project is also for the magazine as I write for them every 2 months so it keeps me challenged in the garden to come up with something interesting each time! : o)

      1. I’m so impressed with all your writing and speaking engagements, Sarah. You do so many interesting things. I’m looking forward to seeing the article, then your blog post. Is the magazine available online in a digital format or just a print version?

        1. I do seem to have lots of different and exciting things going on. I understand the magazine is just in print form, but they did go digital for a while during lockdown when they couldn’t get to the printers. I’ll let you know when it comes out and we can see what can be done for you to see it. The magazine is called Kiwi Gardener. : o)

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