A Day in the Life of Me

Today was a good day.  Yesterday, not so much.  MS doesn’t cope well in the heat, and it is inclined to drag me down with it, especially if I’ve done too much in the previous days.  I can end up with a frustrating yo-yo effect where I’m well and super productive – mostly trying to catch up on the previous day where I found myself with no energy and spend all day stuck on the sofa.    I trying to be better with my time management and only work outside in the mornings until the sand gets too hot to stand on.    This is a habit in the making and so far, so good – when I’m not laid low.

View from bedroom
I have a magnificent view from my bed!

As today was a good day I though I’d show you what I get up to on a good day.  There is no point showing you a bad day…  there is nothing to see at all.   So below is a pictorial story of my day.   You can click on the images to view them full size.

The first thing I did was to check my To Do list to decide where my priorities lay. I have my list in a glamorous shiny gold folder… because why not. (Actually it was the only one I could find and it was on sale!)

Each morning I set the sprinkler on the native plant windbreak hill going. I’ve accidently lost a few plants here so I’m not taking any chances this time.

Then I do a quick tour of the garden to make sure everything is ok. This morning I noticed all these tiny insects flying together above the dome. They looked like starlings doing their murmuration. I just had to stop and watch.

It is interesting to check out the tracks in the sand to see who has been visiting. It is a good indication of potential problems. But the possum poo on the deck is a good sign of potential problems too!

I’m trying to knock as many projects off my list as I can before the garden club visit next month.  I had a couple of fruit trees on behind the sheds – a tamarillo and a feijoa but unfortunately even with the green mesh windbreak – the wind was just too strong, and they have both perished.  I decided I wanted to make more of this space, so I invested in some willow garden screen to bolster the green mesh.  If it works well, I’ll put it across the main garden too.

The Willow Garden Screen is quite pricey, but it comes as 180cm tall. So by cutting it in half I’m doubling the value and it fits the job.

It is super easy to cut through, which is just as well as it was too early in the day to drag Hubby the Un-Gardener away from his work to cut it for me!

I’m quite pleased with the way this looks. I have also attached a plastic coated wire across the whole thing to help hold it together in strong winds. I really hope it holds up and provides a nice little nook behind the sheds. (This view is down the side of the shed – the back is still a ‘corner of shame.’)

While working on the screen it suddenly got really hot and muggy. I looked up to see a sky promising rain… gosh we need it.

Well – we got rain… this was pretty much it which isn’t a lot of good. We need so much more than that. Hubby the Un-Gardener said my garden is drinking more than an alcoholic!

After finishing up I had a well earned breakfast of tomato on toast. I love those lovely large ones where one slice is enough for each piece of toast!

Next I pottered about doing odd jobs and looking after the needs of the sector of the day. I seem to find deadheading my cosmos quite relaxing.

This is one of my ‘corners of shame’. To be honest I’m not sure how I allowed the path to get this bad – but I just took an alternative route and promised myself I’d get to it one day soon.

Well today was that day. And it didn’t take long at all. I really should have done it ages ago! It looks so clean shaven – like someone who has just removed a moustache! The shallots look like they’re done – I should pull them out too.

During the pottering about I came across a large cucumber I’d missed. It is such a fine specimen. I think I will turn it into tzatziki. Tomorrow we will be going Greek!

The sand became too hot to stand on so I came inside to do some computer gardening. Fortunately the house isn’t one that holds the heat in summer and it is cool and fresh – especially with the windows open letting in a gentle sea breeze. I answered all my emails, whipped up a short article and ticked off all my daily computer gardening tasks from my shiny gold To Do book.

While the house is cool, it isn’t cold and the heat does get into your bones so a quick dip is great to really the only thing for it.

Once the sting from the sun began to lessen, I headed back out to the garden to see if anyone was thirsty and in need of attention. The beans were gasping so I gave them a long thirst quenching drink.

I also watered the seedlings I planted under the arch extension I built the other day.

The irrigation trolley was repositioned to the next hub in the irrigation cycle so the next sector on the list will get a good soak first thing tomorrow morning. I love the irrigation system. It saves so much of my time.

And I gave my seedlings one last drink for the day. Their small pots dry out so quickly I feel like I’m constantly watering them.

The last thing I did in the garden was to gather up all the tools I’d used during the day and put them all away in the shed.

There was just enough time to whip up a quick dinner including this colourful bean and vegetable salad, Most of the vegetables have come from the garden and tasted so fresh!

The very last thing for the day was to host a live Q&A on the Yates NZ Facebook page, answering vegetable growing questions and comments. It didn’t go too late this evening, but was a fun and lively chat. If you want to join in and ask a question or share a success from your garden – I’m there every Wednesday night from 7pm. There is a free pack of seeds to be won each week. (For kiwi gardeners only but overseas friends feel free to stop by and have a look.)

After a busy day the sun sank into the ocean. It wasn’t the brightest or prettiest sunset we’ve ever had but the clouds hold the possibility of maybe a drop of rain overnight… you never know.

And that was my day.  I’m pleased with how productive it was, although I’m wary of the possibility I may have done too much and will enter the yo-yo cycle again.  Only tomorrow will know.  I hope I have taken enough care – staying hydrated and having a few short sit down breaks along the way to be able to get as many things crossed off the list tomorrow.

Come again soon – I have more than enough going on to keep me busy for quite some time.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

7 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Me

  1. Go you Sarah! You are such a great example of fortitude against the odds with your MS. Also inspirational. That salad looks delish. Don’t forget the old spoon theory if the yo happens 😍

    1. I have to confess to yo-yoing a bit, but I seem to be bringing things under control. I like to say ‘how do you eat an elephant? – one spoonful at a time’ so I usually get there in the end! : o)

  2. Your garden could be staffed by two more people given the size and variety you’ve created. I’m amazed at what you get done every day, while continuing to write and parent. I’m sorry to hear about your MS flare. I wish you many good days to come.

    1. I do think I need a little help. One of the teen lads was helping me but his hayfever was terrible this season so he had to stop. I think I’ll look for someone for a few hours this year – just to manage things when I can’t. Thanks so much for your care and concern. : o)

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