Bring on Spring

Spring has sprung and I think this time I’m ready for it.  This is largely due to the amazing weather we had as winter drew to a close.  I feel like it was a bit of an apology for being such an awful soggy stormy season.  But now spring is here and she has her own preferences and has turned the thermostat back down from the balmy 22C days we were having and brought back the rain.  I never thought I would be looking back fondly at the winter weather!  But it shouldn’t be unpleasant for long, spring is supposed to ease us into the hot summer weather and it can’t do that if stays cold and wet.

miserable weather
I wasn’t excepting spring to be worse than the winter within days of arriving.

I am also nicely spring ready thanks to my handy helper.  We get so much done in the 3 hours she’s here but it also pushes me to get things done in between so there is progress to be seen when she comes back.  And so now I stand on the doorstep of a new season in a calm and excited state, compared to the normal chaotic and panicked state.

And to show it all off I made the first You Tube video I’ve done for a long time.  I did take a bit of a break last year as making videos is very time consuming and takes a lot of effort.   But I love looking back over the old ones like a time traveller so I have once again made the effort and my intentions are to continue to do so all summer long, but no promises.

You can check it out here – it is only short – just over 10 minutes, so probably not enough time for popcorn but you could make a cuppa tea:

I hope you get a sense of what it is like in my garden at the start of this new season.

Come again soon – who knows what this spring has in store.

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

10 thoughts on “Bring on Spring

  1. Ah, now that our seasons are also (eventually) changing, it is still interesting to see what goes on south of the Equator. I still find it amusing to see how cool it gets in some places while it is so warm here during the middle of summer, or how warm it gets while it is winter (albeit mild) here. It is finally getting warm here, now that the dreadful heat of Europe and elsewhere is subsiding, but this is normal for our climate during the last minutes of summer. It sounds silly, but such warmth reminds us that summer will be finished in about a month, so this really is the precursor to autumn. Spring is half a year, or half a World away, but heck, if I start on it now, I will be ready for it.

    1. I have been chipping away at the garden all winter so this spring I find myself in a relatively good position. But who knows what the season holds. I hope we don’t have the kind heatwaves experienced in the North. I hope your cool season is kind to you. : o)

      1. Well, we do not get much of a cool season here. Heck, we do not get much heat either. It is 100 degrees right now, but somehow does not seem to be as warm as the 85 degree weather that people complain about elsewhere. Humidity is generally minimal here.

  2. I felt bad about not having the energy to get out and sow seeds when the warmth came, but now we’re staring down the barrel of overnight lows of 2 and a road snowfall warning. Maybe next week!

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