Peace in the garden

After days and days of the wind whipping through the garden and whistling through all of the gaps, tearing at the windbreak, requiring repairs, it stopped.   It was kind of abrupt in that I went to bed with sound of the wind knocking on my window and awoke to birdsong.   It had gotten to the point that  I thought it would never end and I was trying to work out how I could manage the garden in spite of the wind.

Sun rays
When I was a kid I had a picture book about the life of Jesus and one of the illustrations showed the suns rays like this and in my childlike understanding assumed that it meant God was looking down between the clouds…

However, I have learnt… the hard way, that trying to repair damage while the wind is in full swing can do more harm than good.  It is really hard to wait so on the worst days it is better not to look at the garden, for fear of what will be found.   The wind is one of the prices we pay for living here in such a beautiful place.  Fortunately, the high winds in the grand scheme of things aren’t that frequent and we get just as many days with no wind at all.  Most of the time there is a breeze that is barely noticeable and in the height of summer when it comes straight off the ocean is welcome.

The windbreak is broken
The windbreak is broken and will need urgent repairs.

But it is strange without the noise of the wind, it is so peaceful. It isn’t like it is completely silent, but there is a more joyous noise.  The air is thick with the chatter of the birds, and we can hear the waves crashing on the shore.

There is a hope and a promise in the green tomatoes flourishing in the garden

The sense of anxiety and stress is gone.  It is almost like it was pressing in on all sides and without it there is a liberation.  I knew when we were in the midst of it that it bothered me, but until it was gone I didn’t know just how much.   And it is now, in this time of peace and calm that I can assess the damage and make my repairs.  It is easy to see what needs doing when everything is still.

Even in the the weeds, beautiful flowers bloom!

But also, in this calmness I can once again see the hope and promise for the rest of the season.  I can dare to plan and dream again.  In the windy times it is almost too much to begin to think of the future just in case all is destroyed.  The worry itself can be quite exhausting.    There is a lightness in the peace, the garden fills my tank with goodness and even if I’m not doing anything except sitting in it watching the life slowly grow, I feel a sense of joy and happiness.

peas on the earth
There is nothing more satisfying than peas on the earth  (excuse the pun)

It still isn’t warm yet, although the weekend did hint at the possibility.  Once the sun arrives and radiates over us with its love and welcoming heat then we can hold onto the sense of peace and joy the garden offers, so long as the wind stays away.

Come again soon – the forecast is still all over the place so I need to do what needs to be done when I can do it!

Sarah the Gardener  : o)

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    1. Absolutely – you can’t not have peas for Christmas. But seriously, I have wonderful childhood memories of shelling peas with my Grandfather on Christmas day, so I try to make it a thing for my family. : o)

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